The 4 elements

the 4 elements
The 4 Elements

What is your humour like?

On the Land of Alchemy, humour means the blend of the different liquids in the physical body that makes each one of us unique. This mixture is created by the interrelations of the 4 elements and outlines the mental, emotional and physical health of the earthling. As a consequence, their mood alters.   

In life, the most important things are taken for granted by earthlings. As if they were established for the whole time of existence, without any chance for alteration. Authors of the so-called, spiritual literature usually call them codes and recognise them as non-changeable conditions. More about code here

The 4 elements & Emotions

My work with AKIA Philosophy® embraces changes and interrelations, therefore I would definitely say, that everything is variable if the chance is given. And chance is the key here. Against all beliefs, it doesn’t arrive via thin air. One needs to initiate possibilities and trigger choices. However, one would only look for a peek of a new, if and when one is aware of its existence. This means that one has knowledge of certain interrelations and consciously seeking the change.

I am aware of the different understandings concerning the numbers of elements. However, there is a logic in everything and in AKIA, similarly to the universe, we follow the laws of physics, according to which there are 4 basic elements we should be mentioning.

The 4 elements

These 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, make up the physical body of an earthling. Each element mirrors a certain way of thinking, physical and emotional state of the owner, and the degree of its existence changes accordingly. They also show the evolutionary level of the human being in question. Since they are closely related, I do not separate physical, emotional and mental existence, but observe the interrelations of the three, as they blend, withdraw and overtake on the path of living. All four elements are essential when it comes to life.

On the ladder of evolution Earth is the basic element. That is what earthlings tackle, after having the first breath of fresh air. Earth and Air here show the permanent connection to the universe. They begin with learning to operate the physical body, as much as understanding material, and the unconscious spiritual development starts. The second would be Water with a mixture of emotions it represents. The third on the row is Air, depicting mental development and the connection to the universe, and the fourth is Fire, the Secrets, the Interrelations and Knowledge acquired from the universe that blended into the other three for clarity. 

The 4 elements and the humour

The responsibility of blending elements and transporting the Life Elixir falls on the Body Fluids, we refer to as Humour. The name has been cleverly adapted from an excellent Voudoun healing method. The two most important components of Humour are blood and lymph. The first is distributed by the vascular system and the second is by the lymphatic system. The latter is also an essential part of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

According to the percentage of the 4 elements, Humour can be put into 4 categories.

  • MELANCOLIC – when Earth element is the main component – makes people cool, dry and permanent. They follow technicality and often fall into depression. Discreet and learned but taken over by greed and the love of the material.
  • PHLEGMATIC – when the Water element is the main component – people are cold, moist, dreamy, sensitive, artistic and changeable. Often hold themselves back, lazy and convincible.
  • SANGUINE – when the AIR element is the main component – makes people warm, moist, talkative, friendly, extravert and giving. Abiding the law is not their forte. They embrace the truth. Sensual and merry.  
  • CHOLERIC – When FIRE element is the main component – people become irritable, dry, warm, hyper and clever. They often do silly things because they do not allow time to accomplish things. They are also brave with a real thirst for changes.

A good healer, who should also be an excellent seer, would be able to understand the physical, mental and emotional state of the earthling through the elements.

After the brief explanation, I point out that one’s humour – now I mean the way of dealing with life – would reflect the blend of the 4 elements at every given time.

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