After countless exciting journeys, in and out of fascinating star gateways and galaxies, Hera and Hades are at it again. Only this time they stay closer to home due to the recent pandemic. However, the aim is the same: to understand Keta’s situation, and help survive the electro-magnetic shock the planet suffers. With the aid of the Alfa & Omega Council, the Magi and the Family, the assessment of the current situation is drawn, and temporary communication channel is built to meet The Pleiadean delegation halfway in the Ether. This fundamental meeting is taken by Mabek, while the other 7 members of the AKIA Team visit underground civilisations around the planet’s sex chakra, the Nile delta, under the watchful eyes of Zeta, as they are getting ready for the most valuable and demanding work of their existence. On these thrilling journeys, Atlantis is recalled, Lemuria is found and the true history of earthlings started to unfold.  This book is not only highly entertaining but also an eye and mind opener about humanity, the past, the present and the future.


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