Life is your to Win

This handbook is created to help the constantly rising mental and emotional challenges faced by earthlings. It entangles confusion, conquers depression and provides substantial aids in understanding life and happenings around.

It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and will power, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface.

I dedicate this book to all mankind who possess enough courage and a sense of responsibility to make life better, joyous and more powerful. And to those who have the strength to rise above depression and mental disorders.

This is your handbook to lean on when the burden is heavy. Read it thoroughly and frequently.

Due to the special circumstances, I drastically reduced the membership fee on my website, where you can ask questions and become interactive.

Take care and get conscious!


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