After the Galactic Quantum Leap on the 28th of December 2012, Kabutoreos galaxy is getting ready to take Keta, the planet with human souls, into the Golden Era.

All the experience is needed in the setup of the two poles system, therefore Hades is called back to the Alpha – Omega Council to help reshuffle the duties and reorganize the strategies.

In the meantime one of Hera’s souls, who is incarnated on Earth, helps the project. Zeta teaches the Knowledge and with her excellent students collaborates with the members of the Heavenly Parthenon, Hades included, and 12 Magi of the Universe. During working together they rekindle their fiery romance.

Zeta sends her student up to the fiery god for a learning session. Mabek leaps through star gateways, experiences multidimensional existence and meets his spirit guide, Linaha in flesh.

Apart from having great fun, the book will provide answers to many questions surrounding the life on Earth and its connection to the Universe.


Kindle book is free to download between the 23-25 of August

Pandemic – the story of humanity continues the saga of multidimensional existence.

Kindle book is free to download between the 23-25 of August



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