Heavenly Nourishment

Heavenly Nourishment makes cooking for special occasion and company effortless. Using the food of the stars as ingredients always promise a successful cooking experience. This is one of the most complex cookery books on the market. The 180 unique recipes are created with all the wonderful ingredients offered by Earth, and other planets from the Solar System helped grow. Their influence lend special value to all organic energies, including mankind. They also shape our approach to food and eating. Food is the biggest conscious energy intake in the lives of earthlings.

Heavenly nourishment is the result of 8 years research into one of my very logical theories that proved real. The main concept follows the fact that every organic energy, such as earthlings, vegetation and animals, live under the influence of a ruling planet. As the consequence the likes attract rules, showing that earthling would favour to feed on food with the same impact. The planetary influence develops specific eating habits also. Following the recipes will result in better digestion, less residue and overall happier existence. There are 180 absolutely delightful recipes in this book. It is not a strict vegetarian cookbook. However substitutes are given for meat everywhere possible. You also find useful hints and advice related to cooking, eating, keeping fit and understanding your body. Please yourself with the full description of the New Age horoscope explaining the astrology in your life.


Honouring the great Restore your Health Giveaway, the book will be available free to order from all platforms of AMAZON from the 10th of November until the 14th of November 2021  

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