Online Life coaching

Online Life coaching

is a deep, delicate, honest and trusting alliance between two people aiming for the empowerment of the client. It is a true challenge for clients and coaches equally.

Since every client is different, life-coaching needs outstanding sensitivity in the twofold requirement presented by individuality. The first would be to recognize that every case is unique, even if the setting is similar. Second is to pick up on the complexity of specific understanding of life’s events. 

Being a life-coach is a fascinating and complex profession that cannot be acquired by any course alone. It needs intelligence, experience, information and wisdom, also a delicate recognition of the senses and energies.

It is a capability to connect the clients with their inner wealth and make it accessible for them.

In Online Life coaching

we believe that clients have the answer to all their questions in the subconscius. Our coaches are trained to ask the right question at the right time, in order to lift the clients out of the comfort zone and trigger them to find these solutions. 

To translate it to an everyday term I would say that we help connect the brain and the heart. However, the brain and the heart are not separate entities. The first understands the present and stores thoughts about the past. It is the conscious. The latter is home for the dreams, possibilities, fears and other emotions connected to the future. It is the subconscious. Questions related one’s own life cannot be answered using the brain only. The life – coach will open the possibilities, the dreams and the fears, and connect them with the present.

Since everything is interrelated, we do not specialize in certain areas of life, but focus on the most important issue as a start in

Online Life Coaching

The benefits of a life-coaching session are endless. Here I list few of the most common questions:

  • Self respect and Self confidence
  • Happiness, the missing factor
  • Romantic relationship evaluation & awareness
  • Find and live your purpose
  • Tackle depression, sadness, grief
  • Identity and the code
  • Find the best profession that works for you
  • Career changes – workplace issues
  • Anger management
  • Family issues
  • Ties and connections

and so on.

Should you be ready to rectify your life, here is the button to click on. One hour with a your life coach would set you back by 

75.- GBP

appr. 90.- Euros and 100 USD

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