is the acronym of Attiru Keta Intaara Amango. It depicts The Consciousness of Earth in Atlantis.

The work was started, planned and overseen by Zsa Zsa Tudos author, educator and the Great Master of the Matrix.

AKIA Philosophy

looks at the planet, earthlings, and life through the universe and finds the interrelations between energies. Loose information, theories, ideas, dogmas, and teaching, which do not fit into the web is discarded, keeping only the pure stem that connects our multidimensional lives with the endless space.

AKIA Philosophy

looks at things as the part of the whole and the whole as the reflection of the segments within.

Through AKIA Philosophy we understand the Self, the structure of life, the interrelations of events, the behaviour pattern of humanity and the connection to nature.

AKIA Philosophy

looks at everything in its simple complexity. Therefore AKIA is the best coaching and healing system.

AKIA Philosophy is the straight path towards the much desired global and universal consciousness.

AKIA Philosophy

teaches you the Gnosis of Life on Earth

AKIA Philosophy is the registered trademark of our teachings.

AKIA Pilosophy®