5 Secrets of the Matrix is an essential book in every household where self-development is important and the curiosity about life and the universe lives in a healthy state. 

5 Secrets of the Matrix

is the best life-coach. As such, it takes you out of the comfort zone and makes you think. It also presents you with keywords on self-development, individual responsibilities and global consciousness. The metaphysical, therefore logical structure of the Great Matrix answers urging questions on life and living.

Bear in mind that the answers to your questions always come from the outside. With thoughts from within the comfort zone, you only chase your tail and move in a circle without finding the path you are aiming for.

5 Secrets of the Matrix

gives you the push to think, the push to develop and the push to take responsibility. The push to use your brain.  

5 Secrets of the Matrix 

covers important subjects, such as:

  • Becoming an Earthling
  • Inclinations and inheritances
  • Making decisions
  • Interrelations of energies in human relationships
  • Effects of the planets in the solar system
  • Life forms on Earth
  • The 4 basic elements
  • The heavenly hierarchy
  • Physical and mental evolution – the purpose of life
  • Basic understanding of numbers
  • The DNA spiral 

and a lot more.


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