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It is one of those words that we interpret very loosely nowadays. We use it when we are not certain of something and also when we are very sure of our truth. When we trust something to happen the way we desire and when there are doubts in our mind. The most common way of using this word is concerning our religious stand.

In Europe, it is almost none-acceptable not to belong to some sort of religious group as if it was the basic requirement of living. On the surface, we like to favour Far-Eastern religions we spice with Christianity even Wicca which is already an altered version of the Art of Witchcraft however, Christianity is the one that shapes our way of living and way of thinking. Not really because we believe in it. Although, almost everybody goes through a Christening ceremony at a tender age, it is done as a custom rather than conviction. We do not really think much about this custom however, it has a karmic effect that actually helps shape our way of thinking. As everything with human beings, this belief system is on the surface. When questioned, members of this particular faith would say they believe in the Bible. They do not really say they believe in the Ten Commandments, although it is the base of Christian faith, but they express their beliefs in the Book and the prophet Jesus. It is all very well, for religious belief is private however, it is more and more common to state the Christian prophet as The Prophet and furthermore, as God, the Creator. As if nothing existed before or beside. I am not here now to talk about Christianity but unfortunately, I cannot avoid the subject while talking about beliefs. I find that it is the core of many beliefs in life. I am certain, we agree upon the fact that the belief in the mythology of Christianity comes from fear and as such, it is the result of insecurity, lack of knowledge and understanding. In the 21st century C.E. (common era) when we use the phrase seeing is believing we readily give into the unknown when our belief system is concerned. It is like shifting responsibility and allowing ourselves to blame the system or someone else for the misfortune and unhappiness of life. This belief system is very dangerous indeed. Since we give into unknown powers we give away the driving seat and with it the responsibility of our deeds and thoughts. As a result, we become lost in life which generates unhappiness and sorrow. On the other hand, we are taught to believe that suffering makes us a better person. In many ways, it is true if it is the result of experiencing something new and we learn from it. Self-inflicted suffering is idle and might give us a prominent place in heaven as we are tempted to believe. However, it alters the purpose of life and makes Earth an unhappy place to be. This belief system makes us intolerant and suspicious of those with different beliefs. Mostly because we do not understand them, and we don’t make an effort to do so.

The insecurity we gain from religious beliefs would lead us to become part of the global mass consciousness when we follow ideas without questioning them. We believe that they are the followers of the truth. Yes, but what is truth? And whose truth is truer?

Truth is an illusion for it is different for everybody. It is the straight result of our intelligence, experience and belief system. Bearing it in mind that we do not actually see what is really there for the eye initially absorbs the rays of light reflected back from the object or subject and send an impulse to the conscious and the subconscious; at the same time waiting for their agreement to create a picture you would consider the Truth.

We also need to touch upon the subject of spirituality. It is again a belief that spirituality comes with religion and embrace. I would like to shed some light on the fundamental difference between the two.  

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices centred upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality and often codified, while spirituality is a path to reach and become one with the Creator Force. In one word, religion talks about what you cannot ever achieve and spirituality shows you the way to arrive there.

I believe that one’s belief system is changeable by experience, knowledge, openness and tolerance. I believe that creating our own consciousness would raise the quality of life and we could look upon Earth as the Heaven of life.”

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5 Secrets of the Matrix is an essential book in every household where self-development is important and curiosity about life and the universe lives in a healthy state. 

5 Secrets of the Matrix

is the best life coach. As such, it takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think. It also presents you with keywords on self-development, individual responsibilities and global consciousness. The metaphysical, therefore logical structure of the Great Matrix answers urging questions on life and living.

Bear in mind that the answers to your questions always come from the outside. With thoughts from within your comfort zone, you only chase your tail and move in a circle without finding the path you are aiming for.

5 Secrets of the Matrix

gives you the push to think, the push to develop and the push to take responsibility. The push to use your brain.  

5 Secrets of the Matrix 

covers important subjects, such as:

  • Becoming an Earthling
  • Inclinations and inheritances
  • Making decisions
  • Interrelations of energies in human relationships
  • Effects of the Planets in the solar system
  • Life forms on Earth
  • The 4 basic elements
  • The heavenly hierarchy
  • Physical and mental evolution – the purpose of life
  • Basic understanding of numbers
  • The DNA spiral 

and a lot more.


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