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As a valued member of our website I feel obliged to let you in on the development of our work.


The work we do is two-fold:

The website offers articles about events behind the curtains, quarterly New Age horoscope, astronomical information and most importantly online courses in very reasonably priced yearly membership system.  The workshops offer healing, self-healing, self-assessment, counselling, rituals and many more subjects with the choice of certificate exams. There are also few books to download for member. Should you like to more about membership options and related benefits, please read here…


We have been travelling together for 10 years now with the purpose to discover different cultures, Knowledge, experience new life styles, food and behaviour patterns. There is always some learning connected to each tour. We thought it was time to share to pleasure and experience with the world. Are you interested in our latest offer? Here is your chance…

AKIA philosophy® is the registered trademark of our teachings. It is the interrelated understanding of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge; everything that is labelled esoteric in modern society. The word esoteric is Greek, literary means from the inner circle. It is a precious knowledge and regardless of its recent status according to which it is intended for, or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest, we feel that it is time to widen this group, in order to bring understandings to the Self, Life, Healing, Astronomical Events, Astrology, The Interrelations of Energies and Finding the Path that leads to Happiness.

AKIA is the acronym of Atiru Keta Intaara Amango, meaning, The consciousness of Earth in Atlantis.  As the founder of the philosophy I have been teaching different approaches to the Great Knowledge, the Magnum Opus, the Haya Sofia in various countries for 20 odd years with my star students who became invaluable educators, healers, counsellors and soul readers. I have published books, written articles, done radio broadcastings, online courses; and I think it is time now to widen the group further and make opportunities, to understand the Universe, Earth and Life, available for more Earthlings.

This decision led to a massive workload, converting books and articles, writing step by step workshop and course materials and making a lot of changes to the existing website.

The first idea of giving live online courses in our large and prestigious conference room faded into the background when we realized the time differences!

Now the site is charged with course and workshop materials that members can download. There are different levels of memberships according to the material. The yearly membership fee reflects the attention the material needs. There will be exams twice yearly for the diploma or certificate courses. Atunements and initiations would happen centrally. We will hold conferences where questions can be asked. I am also planning to make life appearances over the course of the year. Naturally we have a blog solely for paying members.

The material we present is full of exercises and meditations that need attention and supervision. We are aware that information is out there without such supervision but we have always been taking care of our students to the fullest. These protections are provided through the logo sticker we send to each member. It also cleanses the house and connects members with our regular healing circle.


An existing member might want to upgrade to higher level before the year expires. It is possible by paying the difference in fees. However the expiry date will remain that of the first choice. Upgrading is only possible through administration via e-mail.

Joining us

We are looking for interpreters and translators to make our work available to an even wider group. I am also looking out for dedicated students to join our team as educators, healers, counsellors or writers.



General viewing of the site – no downloads

General Quarterly New Age Horoscope      priceless

Yearly membership: free




 general viewing of the site


1 e-book:

Zsa Zsa Tudos: The Atlantis Code     worth £7.99

Online workshops:

Release the Spring of Light Within     worth £150

1st Initiation of the Universe – Earth element     worth £250

Yearly membership: £55



 all the above


online workshops:

AKIA – REIKI 1&2 – initiation certificate course     worth £350

                                General monthly New Age Horoscope      priceless


Yearly membership: £91



These workshops and downloads are only available to members with initiations in

1st Initiation of the Universe

AKIA – Reiki 1 -2


online workshops:

Relationship threshold     worth £250

AKIA – Tantra – certificate course      worth £990

Bedroom & Kitchen Secrets Master     worth: £620

2nd Initiations of the Universe – Earth & Water     worth £500

2 e- books:

Zsa Zsa Tudos: The Atlantis Code     worth £7.99                                                                                               Zsa Zsa Tudos: A weekend in Hades’ office 1st volume     worth £7.99

General Monthly New Age Horoscope       priceless


Yearly membership: £163



These downloads and workshops are only open to members with initiations and certificates in

1st & 2nd Initiations of the Universe

AKIA – Reiki 1 & 2

AKIA Tantra


                Online courses:

The complete witchcraft course – initiation & certificate    worth: £1,750

2 e – books:

Zsa Zsa Tudos: The Atlantis Code     worth: £7.99

Zsa Zsa Tudos: A weekend in Hades’ office 1st volume     worth: £7.99

                                Zsa Zsa Tudos: A weekend in Hades’ office 2nd volume    worth: £7.99

Zsa Zsa Tudos: Dancing with the Desert Wolf     worth: £7.99

General Monthly New Age Horoscope      priceless

Yearly membership: £181



Members choose to take on this option will receive material gradually.

Apprentice + Healer + Practitioner

Yearly membership: £244




This membership option is only available to those with initiations in all the above workshops. It is a highly sensitive learning procedure that needs conscious planning, strength and dedication.


            online workshops:

Mediumship     worth: £2,430  

The Tarot     worth: £3,150

Become a  Seer     worth: £2,765

           2 e – books:

Zsa Zsa Tudos: The Atlantis Code     worth: £7.99

Zsa Zsa Tudos: A weekend in Hades’ office 1st volume     worth: £7.99

Zsa Zsa Tudos: I eat that I am     worth 14.99

General Quarterly New Age Horoscope     priceless

Yearly membership: £298



  • We hold web conferences four times a year where questions are answered.
  • Yearly exams for diploma and certificate courses
  • Job prospects
  • Self healing and cleansing meditation – audio
  • All paying members will have a vinyl sticker AKIA logo that would keep your place cleansed at all times. It is a channel between tutor and student when working together.
  • Connected group-work for the planet
  • Invitations to global cleansing and healing events


All but Shaman initiations happen centrally at a given time. Shaman apprentices take life exams that followed by initiation if successful.


Everything published on is the property of Ride the Rollercoaster Charitable Company Ltd by Guarantee. Please, feel free to spread the word! And if you make the effort to mention the source, you’d receive our deepest appreciation! However downloads are different. Sharing your downloads with people outside of our jurisdiction is greatly irresponsible indeed. Although taking the workshops or courses from the site is your choice and responsibility but we promise to keep eye on you and offer help when needed. Unfortunately we cannot do it for outsiders. So please be wise and keep them to yourself or urge others to sing up.

Final advice

When you choose to take on studies with us, the only think you need is an open mind. Our teachings are in a matrix of existence therefore they follow the rules of physics and mathematics. Everything is interrelated in the Universe. However logic only goes as far as your boundaries. I urge you not to take on anything that doesn’t fit into the whole but have the courage to reconsider your own ideas and belief system of life and yourself.

Since we are not internet gurus we warmly welcome suggestions that would improve our performance.

 About the courses


  1. Release the Spring of Light Within

We are fortunate enough to have quite a lot of choices concerning our spiritual growth. Courses and workshops are offering possibilities to find the path and the meaning of life with it. Some of them are excellent, however many fails to offer the basic understanding of existence. Without foundation, the information is floating around and makes living even more confusing than ever.

To comprehend the concept of earthly living is not that hard. Just like a fairy tale we imagine the story and sometimes even accept certain part of it as real.

Acceptance is good but the wisdom comes from experience when one releases the information into practice. And it is hard. We like to cling to things and thought forms regardless of their quality.

During the 2,160 years of the Pisces and Neptune era religions and consumerism put so much fear into our head that we forgot not just to use our abilities, but about their existence also. Intuition was labelled with words like fantasy, dream, illusion and truth was reduced to the mere physical state.

In this workshop I teach you how to cleanse the soul from the withholding essence of previous lives, karmas, thought forms, family ties and connections.

We go through the 4 basic elements as the foundation of the physical body, the cause of incarnations and reincarnations, the Duty and the Contract. Also touch upon Atlantis as the beginning of earthly living, the Universal School for the ever developing souls. You learn the energy system of an earthling like yourself, to see, feel and hear beyond the boundaries of the physical body.

In one word we put you on the path to the four dimensional existence beyond 2012.


  1. The 4 Initiation of the Universe

In February 2003 ce (common era) the Pisces energy charged with Neptune was chased out by the newcomer Uranus energy and the New Age started. Most Earthlings would call it the Age of Aquarius; however astronomical changes and our behaviour pattern reshuffled the Solar System and slowed Earth down. As it happened the ecliptic of the planet shortened and moved out of alignment with the 12 star formations zodiac. The effects of the ruling planets are still players and that is why we call it the Age of Uranus now.

Uranus energy is a much faster and emotionally charged surrounding than that of the Neptune and Pisces. It provided a welcome boost for the quantum leap and speeds up the consciousness of the Golden Era.

By the changes in the surroundings we were pressured to implement certain alterations in our behaviour pattern and way of thinking to get into alignment with the Macrocosm. In order to achieve this first we need to raise our consciousness of the Micro cosm, meaning the Self and Earth. The base of this consciousness for Earthlings is the Initiation sequel of the 4 elements. Initiations – also referred to as Atunements – are available for every Earthling regardless his social background, race, gender, age and religion. It is a deep learning and self-discovering procedure, when the candidate gets into alignment with the element by removing the hindering factors, and opens the possibilities of widening the horizon. The workshop also gives you guidance how to implement the collected information into everyday living and turn it into wisdom. I think I should mention it here that learning is reminding us the knowledge we all possess.

Number 4 is the symbol of the 4 basic elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – the 4 directions, the Moon cycle of 4 x 7, the 4 sides of the pyramid and it also represents the total consciousness. Everything in the Universe has been created with this number. It is Law, Truth, Order and Realization. The number depicts the Creator – the first knowledge that was able to multiply by division – and its 4 basic naturalistic such as Omnipresence, Wisdom, Love and Immortality.

The 4 levels of Initiation

An Earthling initially has 4 ties to the Universe. By understanding them one by one, the ties are cut to enable the Earthling to gain the ultimate freedom he needs to become an equal part of the Universe. The first of these connections is between the physical body and the planet. It is the whole physical existence. The second is the emotional field that is connected to earthly life. The third is the connection between the Universe and the physical existence. The highest level is the fourth, when the earthling becomes one with the Universe.

Earthlings are classified according to their Initiation level. The lowest is the Hylic level. These Earthlings are connected to the material plane and have no connections with higher level. The next would be those who understand that emotions are the fuel of life machinery and the can only grow through them. This is the Psychic level. The next is the Spiritual level, where Earthlings understand the interrelations of the Micro and Macrocosm. The fourth and highest is the Astral plane, where total connection with the Universe is made.


  1. AKIA – Reiki 1 – 4

Rei Ki means intelligent energy. It is a basic hand on healing system when nature’s energy is channelled through the body and released on the centre of the palm. According to practitioners of the craft, the symbols are doing all the healing by guiding the energy to the place of need and stopping its flaw when necessary. It also works with the energy circulation of the body and energy centre cleansing.

During my years of practice I realized that real healing cannot happen with Reiki. It is excellent for cleansing, changing the mood, get rid of head ache and some prevention is also achievable. These are due to the basic belief that the energy knows where to go to and how much of it is needed therefore the practitioner only lends the body and doesn’t need to know much about the happenings. I beg to differ here. It is very important to understand what goes on behind the curtain. Since the symbols used by Reiki are Atlantean – as everything worth remembering – I embedded them in my teachings; or should I say I added a smart background to them and deepened their healing field.

On the top of the added knowledge and training you will receive a perfectly legitimate REIKI certificate.

For your safety the introductions of the other courses would come to you later.


Desert tour – Egypt 15th – 27th of September 2014

On arrival to Cairo International Airport we are picked up and transported to our hotel. After check in we take a stroll and have dinner.

1st night in Cairo

After breakfast we are picked up by our extraordinary guide and taken for and amazing tour of

  • Giza – pyramids
  • Saqqara
  • Memphis, the old capital of Lower Egypt

After a late lunch we set off for the Sahara.

Our first stop is the Bahariya Oasis that is 370 km into the desert. On arrival we check into the hotel.

2nd night in Bahariya


After an early breakfast we

  • Tour the city
  • Lunch
  • Visit the Temple of Alexander The Great
  • Tombs of the Nobles
  • English mountain
  • Dinner

3rd night in Bahariya

After breakfast we continue our journey into the wilderness of the Sahara. We visit the

  • Black Desert
  • Dune area where we climb the 50m dune

On route to Farafra we visit the

  • Crystal mountain
  • The Area of The Wonders with the Desert Roses
  • The Arch


On arrival to the White Desert we explore the

  • Formations and Sculptors mastered by the Sahara Wind
  • Another dimension in the desert with extraordinary energies scenery
  • Somewhere in between we have lunch
  • Dinner at camp


4th night spent in the White Desert camping the way the travellers do.

After breakfast we reach the city of Farafra

  • Explore the city
  • Bathe in the Hot Spring
  • Visit the museum of Badr, the local artist

Then continue our way to Dakhla Oasis. Upon arrival we visit the

  • Old Covered City with its Oil Press
  • School
  • Courthouse
  • Dwelling Chambers
  • Muzzawaka, The Decorated Hill
  • Amun Temple at Deir El Hagar

Somewhere on the road we have lunch.


5th night in Dakhla


After early breakfast we head for Luxor.  Check into the hotel.

  • Visit Luxor temple
  • Have a beer in the “Main Watering Hole of the City”
  • Visit the Soukh

It is another day when traditional lunch is skipped.

We have dinner  at a Nubian restaurant

6th – 7th nights in Luxor


  • There is a trip to Dendera and Abydos from here.
  • Visit Hatshepsut temple
  • Medinat Habu

There is optional tour to the Valley of the Kings and Queens

8th – 11th nights on the Nile boat

The floating hotel is an excellent full board accommodation with swimming pool and sun bathing facilities on the top deck. All rooms are en suite and cater for two.

Arriving to Edfu – Kom Ombo we have breakfast before visiting the ancient city of Behdet, the modern day’s Edfu and the most beautiful temple dedicated to Horus. It is on the West Bank of the river.

  • Edfu

After lunch we visit the temple  – dedicated to many throughout time – in Nubt, the City of Gold that is the modern days Kom Ombo on the East bank of the river Nile.

  • Kom Ombo

We have our food on the felucca prepared by an excellent native chef. We also have the opportunity to swim in the Nile, the Earthly Milky Way, under the Moonlight.

In the main time, with the help of the wind, our hotel takes us to Aswan.

After breakfast in Aswan we are off to Philae Island in Lake Nasser. Since it is after the Aswan Dam we use road transport to get there. The great complex is dedicated to Osiris and highly respected by the Nubians also.

  • Philae

After lunch we are off to

  • Abu Simbel on the shore of Lake Nasser.

It is one of the most amazing temples on the Land of Knowledge, the ancient Khem.  This part of Egypt is known as Nubia reflecting the cultural inheritance and influence. The temple is dedicated to the Greatness of the land and of the 2 poles of nature. One of the temples features Amun, Ra-Horakhty and Ptah while the other depicts Hathor and Nefertari giving substantial female energy to the land.

On arrival back to Aswan, we have lunch in the most amazing restaurant on the Nile, where we are transported by feluccas.

After lunch we have a short time to spend in the Soukh in Aswan.

Late afternoon we set off for Marsa Allam where we have dinner and a short rest.  It is a very beautiful road with markets and cafes.


12th night – Overnight coach to Cairo airport.


Price: 12 nights Cairo – Desert – Nile – Aswan Tour       780 GBP


The tour is exclusive of the plane ticket. However we would be happy to arrange the plane ticket for you if you wish.

It is inclusive of Full Board and the mentioned accommodations, transport and all entrance fees.

All transfers in cities are by air conditioned private minibus. In the desert transportation is by private 4 x 4 Toyota Land cruisers.

We are lucky to the very best desert touring company. Their experience and knowledge are beyond anybody else’s on the field.

We are also grateful to have our highly esteemed and knowledgeable friend for our tour guide.

There are always additional merits to our tours. Now I use the pure place to take you through the 1. Element initiation if you choose to take part in it. Since every earthling should have finished all the 4 basic elements by the end of 2012 I think it is highly recommended. It is very much like self-searching and horizon opening.  When it is not combined with a tour, the initiation takes 4 days and costs 250 GBP. With this tour you have it as a present from me.

In addition you learn about the universe, Earth, Egypt and ancient knowledge beyond the text-books and scientific results.

Thank you very much for your attention.

We wish you Love and Peace.


Zsa Zsa Tudos    Founder of AKIA philosophy©   Head of Ride the Rollercoaster Charitable Company and Co-founder of Dating-Ground

Rita Monojlovits    Co-founder of Dating-Ground