The scene behind the feeling

In our fast changing, always challenging and sometimes overwhelmingly difficult life we learn to appreciate if someone connects to our feelings; especially when they are the result of some sort of suffering.  We also tempt to like the people with emphatic abilities.

There are many questions come to my mind regarding the subject. I would give you the answers without the questions.

Empathy usually needs 2 participants. There is one, who suffers and the other one, who takes the feeling on board without any particular reason. However, either groups or individuals, the partakers have something similar regarding the event that triggered the feeling. Since related energies like each other it becomes very obvious that they also have alike understanding on the particular matter. This understanding derives from the social background, upbringing, belief systems and spiritual understanding of life. It means that if a friend complains about her husband cheating on her I would develop empathy only if I am convinced that it is unacceptable. I might also feel connected if I have already experienced it at one stage and I still carry the hurt within.

There are people who would take on the feeling in the extent of developing the particular illness related to the other person. If let’s say your digestive system is suffering and you have constant stomach ache as the result of some emotional upheaval the emphatic person would have the same illness even if there seem to be no trauma behind the scene in his or her life. It actually happens because this person has an inclination towards not only the suffering part but the particular thought form that caused it. Putting it into an example the digestive system physically suffers as the result of chewing on thoughts that bother us without being able to release them. The reason behind it is fear. Fear from the future, the past, the present, people around, the family the religion. Let us stay with the example I used earlier. You think that your husband is cheating on you. You will nurture the thought for a while for you are afraid to face the situation and come out and ask him. First of all you wouldn’t think that he was going to tell you the truth. With this idea you have already planted the strongest seed for suffering for whatever he says you won’t believe and at this point your partnership is over; unless you change your mind and carry on loving him unconditionally.

Taking the first approach on board you would waste a lot of time on seeking others with similar experience or those who would show empathy.  It is needed to reassure you that you are not alone with your problem and also you would be able to come out and say that you are a victim. This way you can all suffer together strengthening the feeling in each other by belonging to the group of “good” people who are taken advantage of by the “bad” ones.

The theory of the sufferers being good comes from the modern Christians or I would say from the New Testament where everybody who suffers is called good or saint. We use the term “yes, she is a saint she suffered enough” quite loosely in our everyday living without actually giving it a thought. Suffering is a choice. However it might come from the misconception that life on Earth is suffering and those who suffer go to Heaven.

Although we are here to learn that we do through experience and it might take us into the state of momentary suffering, however every experience should end with a closure rather than preventing us to get into new tasks of learning.

There is another type of empathy towards those we consider less fortunate than us because of mental or physical handicap and other suffering related events. Spiritually speaking their lives is the result of choices the soul made before coming down to Earth in order to help with learning, experiencing and evolving.

As a healer I often develop momentary empathy towards my patients to help understand the task ahead of me. However as the most important part of my work I would urge them to assess the past take an inventory of it and look forward to life without the burdens of the past.

Strangely enough we do not seem to take on joy or happiness from others. As if we were a bit ashamed of being happy. Can you imagine creating HAPPY groups and through Empathy we would spread the word of JOY, HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

Well, when you are ready you can knock on my door.

Love and peace

Zsa Zsa Tudos