Black Moon ritual

Black Moon ritual


Black Moon ritual


The most prominent influence in our earthly existence comes from the interrelations of the Sun and the Moon. They together represent and create the roller coaster of life. It is the alchemical blend of the 2 poles that shapes our days and night.

The percentage of the Sun’s influence in the blend is shown by the visible size of the Moon. The fuller the Moon looks the bigger the influence is.

Once in every moon cycle the Moon stands there alone, with her strength and dark mysterious energy. The Black Moon is the most powerful, the most influential, therefore the most dangerous of it all.

Here is a simple and safe little ritual you can use for the Black Moon. Today and 2 more days running it could help you to achieve something that is important to you.

Put a plain coloured cloth on a small table or on any other one.. Place 3 candle on it. One black and two red. arrange them in a triangular fashion: the black candle should be placed to the West and the 2 red candles would take South and North. While you are working you need to take East.

Light the black candle first. It is important to use matches and not lighters. While you are doing it say the purpose of your ritual out loud. It would be useful to put it in a round sentence prior to the work. After turn to the South and light the red candle inviting the power and strength of the South to help you with your work. You might want to invite one of your spirit guides too. Then lit the last candle and invite the North to help you. You may want to invite your other spirit guide also.

It is advisable to put some food and drink on the table for the forces helping you.

Keep the candles burning as long as possible with proper supervision. While they burn you can carry on with your life.

Extinguish with thanking the Universe and your guides for the help.


Black Moon ritual is safe.

Love and peace