The Code – Awakening the Christ Consciousness

The Code – Awakening the Christ Consciousness

The Code – Awakening the Christ Consciousness

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Now that I am back from my  Element Initiation, I have started to work on a series of articles I intend for my next book with the same title.

However, before I get into it I wish to emphasize that when I mention Christ I am NOT talking about Jesus. Christ, coming from the Greek Christo, means Enlightened or Initiated. All of us are enlightened to a certain degree and some of us even understand what consciousness means.

In my article I talk about this consciousness, and how to achieve it rather than further deify remote mythology.

 The Code – Awakening the Christ Consciousness


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On the roller-coaster of existence every now and then time arrives for an awakening. The up is always followed by a down and the down would give a push to the up.

The motion and structure of existence are based upon the laws of physics.

It is pretty much like driving. The car represents connections to Earth element as the material vehicle to carry us on the ups and downs. Directly or indirectly the first car represents the inheritance Code of the person. Even more so if the vehicle is a pass-down from a senior family member like father, mother or grand-parents.

The Code -Physics


A car consciously or subconsciously is chosen according to the belief system of the prospective owner. It would be safe to say that it faithfully reflects his behaviour pattern and the speed he is ready to tackle life’s bumpy roads with. Inherited vehicles bear the fingerprints of the long term master; initially his state of mind at the time of purchase. There are many factors to consider when buying a vehicle, each one of which is a mirror of the buyer’s thought forms. Colours are energies, as every energy has colours. They are picked according to fashion, the colour of one’s eyes or skin. It might be a status symbol of a certain class, country or profession. It is picked to escape, blend in or alternatively be noticed and stand out. Sometimes the colour compensates for the brand as an apology to the public. Have you realized that the I love my… sticker is rewarded to smaller cars or brands considered lesser by the mass consciousness. The type of the vehicle could be the result of careful consideration of financial adequacy, safety, speed, insurance and comfort. The latter covers the feeling of familiarity also. Many people, even families buy the same brand of vehicle to stay within the comfort zone of knowing.

The Code

 The Code – Home


The initial chance of starting the quest of existence as an Earthling comes from the Code of the home. Sure we talk about the soul being an unrelated entity. However the home would make or break the possible outcome of the first individual steps in life. When I look at my practice as a family and relationship counsellor I could confidently say that the only cause for mishaps, fights and misunderstanding is the Code. I have been having conversation with people who believe that the Code is permanent and it carries the lives and beliefs of 7 generations in the genetic family. I do not share this view. Although it proves difficult, but the Code can be cracked and altered. Some aspects of it is easier and others need to consciously work on for a long time.


opening consciousness

The Code – My Students

My first hand experience is the development of my students. Since I very much dislike wasting my time and efforts I usually make sure that the basic structure of my philosophical view is aired at the very first meeting opportunity and anxiously wait for the next workshop to gauge the effect of my thoughts. If 50% of the wish-to-be-learners show up, I consider the course successful enough to continue. It is the very point when the real battle starts. Agreeing to coming again and letting in new ideas could be very exciting for a while. When the expansion hits the individual barrier of the Code then we start the most prominent Hungarian folk dance, the Csardas. Two steps to the right two steps to the left, then turn in a circle and start all over again with hands on the hips to give emphasis to the seriousness of the movements. After a while the time comes when one needs to decide upon introducing new moves to the dance. Sure, it is easy to do, but then it becomes a different dance and cannot be called Csardas any longer. This is the time when a direction on the crossroad should be taken to alter the stillness, to open up to experience and feed the machinery of life. Thinking and trying to foresee the outcome of each direction is a waste of time. Although one might have had similar experience to what is offered, its existence confirms that further learning is needed on the subject. Therefore the choice bears far lesser importance than what it is g ranted. Pondering on the future is an admission of the fear of the unknown. Since we cannot possibly see the exact future, fear becomes an illusion.

The code – Choices

There are those who are excited by venturing into new direction and happily give up the rigid structure of the Csardas for a samba with its freedom. However, most of the population work on force expanding the fundamental layout of long lasting traditions, religions and belief systems. People with different sexual preferences march up daily to demand their right to Christianity not realizing that the freedom they want is far beyond the boundaries of the religion that if altered would become a different belief system altogether. By the time they succeed there will be nothing to go back to. For comfort and belonging the name remains but it is a totally different game that washed away the set of beliefs the religion is based upon and without realizing the door is shut leaving the protesters on a limbo.

The Code – Thinking

Others who would put a sticker my other car is a Mercedes on their Mini to provide self confidence and secure their imaginary place within the group of Mercedes owners.


Element Initiation

The Code

Still talking about the Code; fear from changes makes people loud. There is always one or two amongst my students on the very edge of their Code boundaries and not yet ready to embrace the ultimate freedom of thought forms. Since I am the aggressor, the pusher, I would also be the target of their painful battle to decide upon coming or going. Two steps to the right and two steps to the left would become the pattern of movements once again. To break the pattern becomes more difficult as time goes by. Everything has two poles. Experience could serve as a wisdom one can rely upon when investing in the future or a weakening structure at the time bad memories strike. The first option is more crack on the Code therefore advancement on life. The second would bring in doubts and the most powerful enemy of human relations, blame is born. Either it is self-reflected or pointed towards somebody else could very well poison the lives of those involved. The urge to be right and justify the hurt the so called victim spreads the word and shops around for sympathy. All weak and doubtful with low self-respect would join in to support the individual cause and happily turn against the bully without fully understanding the situation. This situation often happens in families and close groups where a person does not want to be alienated from the group as a punishment of disliking the actions of another member. However instead of helping to find a solution the sympathizers push the event into yet another Csardas. The two to the left and two to the right is an unfertile action that barely keeps life on the level of existence. Although I preach communication and unconditional love, my experience shows that these approaches only work with certain evolutionary level and spiritual understanding.

The Code – Consciousness

For the sake of evolution, learning and living, the time has arrived for a push, big enough to land the participants out of their comfort zone over the boundaries of the Code. Getting a different car, moving away, landing on a new job, separating from the group, partner or family, even if it is for a short term, would serve as a fence crusher and would allow the individual to invite in new thought forms and possibilities for the alteration of the Code.


Love and peace


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