The original festival behind Easter


We have arrived to another Easter yet again. And as always, I write few words about it.
Easter, as all the other Christian holidays, has been placed on a Pagan pre-religious holiday. However it is the only that actually changes according to the movement of the Moon.
The Catholic Church calculates Easter to travel with the Spring Equinox festivities of the People of Nature. We might want to call them Pagans, Gnostics, Esoterics, Alchemists, Shamans, Witches and any other groups who lived in alignment with the Universe. They understood, that an equinox happens on the Full Moon, in this case on the one at the end of March or beginning of April.
However, Vatican decided that the Universe is still, without changes, and put the date of equinoxes and solstices on set dates, presuming that events in the galaxy follow their calendar rather than vice verse. That is how the Spring Equinox is put on the 21st of March and Easter on the weekend following the first full moon after it. This year, the equinox is given the 21st of March, the first full moon after comes on the 4th of April and Easter on the 5th.
Easter is the festival of death and resurrection of Jesus while Oestara is the fertility festival of nature. Egg is used as a symbol for free reasons: 1. by nature an egg has equal amount of yolk and white. The yolk symbolizes the Sun and the white depicts the Moon. They are in perfect harmony as they are at the time of the equinox. 2. A hen usually produces one egg a day; that is one new life daily. 3. At Oestara festivals poached eggs were used for reading and boiled ones for writing or painting wishes on the shell and put into rituals to strengthen before sending them up to the Universe. The other essential symbol is the rabbit. It is admired for its extraordinary multiplying ability and speed needed for new projects and beginnings.


Oestara is the perfect way to start the productive year. Special food is prepared for the occasion and offered to the Sun God and the Moon Goddess.

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Beauty if Nature – Photo: Sara Gink

Have a wonderful Oestara!

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