The New World order and the Quantum Leap

The New World Order and the Quantum Leap

The New World order and the Quantum Leap

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The place of the Quantum Leap

Carpathian basin


After the finish of the Fifth Sun Age and lived through the Galactic Quantum Leap, we entered into the Golden Era. It means that the Great Cycle of Humanity has ended.

The New World order and the Quantum Leap

is not the End of the World Revelation of the Mayan calendar or other kind of prophesies.  They rightly remembered the importance of the upcoming change. However it is not the end of the World but the finish of the Greatest Cycle in human existence.

add that the Magnum Opus left identifiable impact on early civilizations. As migration from Atlantis proceeded towards the very centre of the dry land, the Giza plateau in Khem, the procession encoded the secrets of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge into the soil, the water and air, in order to trigger the mind of future generations. Other concentrated wisdom carriers are the 13 crystal sculls, organic energies like stones and rocks; giving importance to life.

Energy centres such as the Carpathian Basin as the Old Crown and the future Base chakra received a large dose of the Wisdom. It continued with Greece and arrived at the plateau between the Great Rivers of Euphrates and Tigress. Here the people we remember as Sumerians put everything into practice that is spread and still remembered all over the planet.

The Knowledge I am taking about is the Genesis of the Universe. It carries the

everything is interrelated” and the “as above so below” idea.

The New World Order and the Quantum Leap

The Universe is made of numbers. These numbers represent certain data that I call knowledge. The data is energy in the sense of physics therefore it has speed, frequency, colour, sound, taste, substance and smell. It also has polarity that is either + or -. The latter is not the mirror of right or wrong and good or bad. The two polarities keep the organic energy alive by producing different effects and responses to happenings. This motion travels on a spiral.

This spiral is created by the cycles of events. Every event has a beginning and an end. This is a cycle. However every end is a beginning of another event and middle to yet another. There are bigger cycles and smaller ones depending on one’s point of view but in case of energies they are equally important. As we move forward our deeds and way of thinking are the result of experiences in the past as they will be the foundation of the future.

The Golden Era

Let me put it into an example. Every day you go through some sort of routine. I do not want to get into that, only look at the cycle of leaving the house and coming back. You usually take the same road every day thinking that it does not change in your absence. But it does. You can never travel on the same road even if you are the only one taking it, because everything is in motion and changing. By the afternoon you are not the same person as you were in the morning and the place you arrive back to is different from the one you left behind in the morning. Since you went through certain effects during the day it is added to the cycle of your household. At the end of each cycle there is a quantum leap.

A year of your life is a cycle. In theory you arrive back to the same day when you were born. Each of these cycles end on a certain note. The degree of the note depends on your achievements of the year behind. You might close the year on a high note or on a low key and it might just be somewhere in the middle depending mainly on your effort and openness. Since they happen within your so called comfort zone, I call them microcosmic cycles. However there always is some contribution from the Universe that we usually refer to as fate for it is unchangeable. It is the interrelation of the micro and the macrocosm.

The macrocosm has its own cycles. Let us look at those ruling our lives. Closest to us are the Sun and the Moon cycles. As the 3 + 1 are the key numbers in the Universe, there are 4 Moon cycles. There are also 4 cycles of the 2 together, such as the 2 Equinoxes and the 2 Solstices. Then we have the Precession of the Equinox that takes about 2.160 years of the common calendar. 12 Precession makes up a Great Cycle. It is 3 x 4.


The Sun Age is the cycle of the Solar system that takes between 4.000 – 5.200 years depending on the effects of the travel. Four of those would align us with the 4 elements and the fifth is the connection with the Creator force that is the Core, the Essence of the ever expanding Universe. The first Knowledge that was able to multiply by division.

The catastrophic end of the First and Second Sun Ages were inevitable for the planet had to go through certain cleansing and the getting used to the new implanted organic energy meaning earthlings. With the First we were aligned to the element of Earth while the Second brought to us the element of Water. By the end of each earthlings were encouraged to get nearer to the macrocosm and 2 legs of the microcosmic equilateral triangle was drawn. The soil itself doesn’t go far however water easily turns into air that is the 3rd element that travels between the 2 cosms. The end of the 3rd Sun Age didn’t bring huge natural disasters. However as the result of fear humanity withdrew from rising and the Quantum Leap spiral showed a down-turn rather than proceeding towards The Core. The 4th aligned us with Air, the in-between substance and prepared us for The Great Quantum Leap of the Galaxy. It is all well but it presented us with the breaking point where a further decision had to be made: advance into the unknown or retreat into the darkness of the past.

When there is doubt, earthlings always take the easier path. As the result religious Earth-bonded theories started to circulate which totally denounced the connection to the macrocosm as an alien place governed by a human-like, however untouchable power we shouldn’t really associate with. The advancement withdrew and more doubt set in; giving free hand to egoistic and power-thirsty groups to take advantage of the fear by implementing more uncertainty into the microcosm. The state of uncertainty is a blessing in disguise, because there are usually 2 clear choices representing the opposite poles. The limbo existence is only temporary for keeping it longer than advisable could end in ruin and total demoralization. It is the make it or break it situation and the decision either hinders or furthers the evolution of humanity and the individual itself.

The result of a cycle is the manifestation of the struggle between the 2 poles that is in everything. The pro & contra, the 2 cosms, the conscious & subconscious, the courage and fear all have their sayings. As the scale tilted towards the microcosm for humanity the opposition inevitably started to work on strengthening the control.

For every event in the Universe we find examples in earthly living. The weaker is always subjected to hassle and bristle more than those having courage to disagree. The road to evolution is bumpier indeed. However if you follow the Yellow Brick Road of Knowledge you’ll find peace and happiness Over The Rainbow.

In the middle of the 5th Sun Age powerful groups centralized their strength and aims and the change in global consciousness began. To speed it up the changes, attention was shifted towards physical existence, new scientific rules took effects and money became the real God behind fairy tale worshipping of the power which was by now definitely beyond reach for most. Modern medicine became the most powerful tool and the ground for manipulation together with war.

By now we have arrived to the point where there is no power struggle anymore: Earth became a one pole energy mass with centralized government and decision making body.

We have reached the very end of the scale where some sort of shift has to come to keep the motion of life. The size of the shift is up to the oppressed humanity that has nothing to lose by following the lead of the Universe with the help of the Galactic Quantum Leap.

I’d like to remind you that for every event in history and past there are always 2 parties to blame. You give up your choices when you offer the driving seat to somebody else. You give up your life when you fail to take sides without understanding the consequences. You give up the future of the generations coming, when you choose to ignore your responsibility to evolve and follow the Knowledge.

By the shift of the poles the Crown chakra of Keta will become the Base. It means that the highest frequency energy centre of the present will show the level of the lowest in the future. Therefore other energy centres need to surpass that and help build a new Crown that is connected to the Creator Force.

As it happens, the governing power of the reigning pole will be shifted to the upcoming opposite pole in straight ratio.

The golden Era is set to change the New World Order designed by different power groups or ancient protocols.

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Love and peace

The New World order and the Quantum Leap

by Akia philosophy

 New World order

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