New Year to Yule

New Year to Yule

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Samhain – Halloween

New Year to Yule


This is by far the most trying time for humanity.  With the Galactic Quantum Leap on the 28th of December 2012 c.e. the Golden Age has started. With it, planet Earth emerged from the cycle of darkness that lasted for the first 5 Sun Ages of existence.  The difficulties are two-folded.  The first and more important is to understand life and earthly existence and the second is to embed this knowledge into the energies of the Universe. Translate it to a more understandable term we need to start at home with the thought in mind that everything is interrelated and our thoughts, words and deeds effect the wellbeing of the whole universe.

Stepping out of the Chaos we are currently experiencing needs careful planning and attention. Since it is a make it or break it situation even the smallest choice bears big importance.

Everything needs to be looked at from both angles: the dark and the light. Happiness comes from within, therefore it is no point to put the responsibility on someone’s shoulder and you cannot possibly spring it out of possessing something.

It is time to hold onto your aims and idea; do not let friends, family or mass media change your ways.

Live up to your own expectations and do not follow that of others.

Be courageous! Do not give up! Fear of the unknown might appear but do not let it set in. Remember, fear is an illusion for you do not know what is coming so you cannot be afraid of.

Pay attention to your jurisdiction and do not give advice unless called for.


 New Year to Yule


Horoscope according to ruling planets:



Autumn Mercury  —  24th of August – 23rd of September


24th of August – 10th of September Ursa Major

11th – 21st of September Crater

22nd – 23rd of September Argo Navis

Depression and dark clouds appear on the horizon with the help of Ursa Major and if you are not alert, will bring you to a standstill. However you cannot afford to indulge in suffering, for the excellent opportunities presented by Crater desperately need your full attention. Luckily the Ship of the Argonauts will brings clarity and starts up the long overdue changing process in your views and attitudes.

Questions:  Am I caught up in the grinder for too long? Where is my life? Do I deserve success? 


Autumn Venus   24th of September – 23rd of October


24th – 28th of September Argo Navis

29th of September – 11th of October Corvus

12th – 23rd of October Boötes

Joy, contentment and delight are brought to you by Argo Navis. It is a force to make you rekindle the joys of life. Corvus urges you implement more patience into your daily routines and set a healthy balance between separately observed compartments of existence. The vast physical power of Boötes forces you to recognize intuition and open your mind towards it.

Questions:  Am I brave enough to move on? What is holding me back?


Pluto  —  24th of October – 23rd of November


24th – 26th of October Boötes

27th of October – 10th of November Corona Borealis 

11th – 19rd of November Serpent

20th of November – 23rd of November Centaurus

You have the feeling of changing your surroundings. The emotion conveys the message coming from Boötes. Avoid the fear from failing effect, supported by Corona Borealis, just follow your path and finish the work. Serpent will await you with ample possibilities to succeed if you have the strength to carry on.  Lessons are learnt and experiences will turn into wisdom by the energies of Centaurus.

Questions: What am I afraid of? Who am I fooling? Do I have enough courage to be happy?


Jupiter  —  24th of November – 21st of December


24th of November – 5th of December Centaurus

06th – 16th of December The Serpent Bearer 

17th – 21st of December Draco

Emotions are floating on the surface governed by Centaurus. Be careful with them and do not be fooled by sweet talks or praises. Real and life changing events come from OphiuchusThe Serpent Bearer who might even be gracious enough to reward you with a new relationship. Draco will sweep up the remnant of the emotional battles and bring momentary harmony to help you see the changes.

Questions: What am I missing from my life? Why do I follow other people’s wishes?


Saturn  —  22nd of December – 22nd of January


22nd – 23rd of December Draco

24th – 28th of December Serpent

29th of December – 13th of January Lyra

14th – 22nd of January Aquila

Draco awakens the importance of material gain in life and shows you certain ways to succeed. On the other hand Serpent reassures you that Real Life is under the surface and everything that is important is hidden. Lyra warns you of the limiting powers of expectation and Aquila aids the energy of the Universe to step in and finish businesses that belong to the past.

Questions: What are my accomplishments? What am I afraid of?


Uranus  —  23rd of January – 19th of February


23rd – 28th of January Aquila

29th of January – 8th of February Delphinus

9th – 19th of February Cygnus

Your set views about life are giving you a hard time to see what is really happening. Aquila urges you to ask questions and look behind the curtains. Although you are very reluctant, Delphinus makes it clear that there are things one cannot change and they have to be accepted. With this newly acquired wisdom the fight for your independence can begin with   Cygnus lending a helping hand in the procedure.

Questions: How did I get to this situation? What is the loneliness I feel? What is it I am afraid of?


Neptune  —  20th of February – 20th of March


20th – 29th of February Cygnus

1st – 12th of March Eridanus

13th – 20th of March Pegasus

Human relationships are on the mend with the helping hand of Cygnus. Give them the benefit of the doubt and let them develop. Following this train of thoughts Eridanus make you realize that you have been controlled by someone near and as the result you control somebody else. Cut these ties by the help of Pegasus and understand that only lost people aim to rule.

Questions: What do relationships mean for me? What is happiness? How can I be content?



Mars  —  21st of March – 18th of April


21st of March – 1st of April Pegasus

2nd – 9th of April Andromeda

10th – 18th of April Eridanus

Your life is, not unlike others’, in a make it or break it situation. Vital decisions are to be made by the pushing power of Pegasus while Andromeda is constantly bringing in new ideas and show you the interrelations of events. Eridanus brings strength and clear vision.

Questions: Why am I afraid of the abyss of emotions? Am I strong enough to be a leader of my life? Would I be able to take the responsibility?


Spring Venus  —  19th of April – 20th of May


19th of April – 8th of May Andromeda

9th of May – 15th of May Eridanus

16th of May – 20th of May Perseus

You are in need of a total make over. Andromeda makes it impossible to stick to old looks and behaviour patterns. With the strength you gain from the new approach you take on new battles and fight long overdue cleansing wars assisted by Eridanus. Further courage gained from Perseus pushing you to show your new self to the world.

Questions:  Am I worth it? What would my friends think of me?


Spring Mercury  —  21st of May – 21st of June


21st of May – 31st of May Perseus

1st – 7th of June & 17th – 21st of June Orion

8th – 16th of June Auriga

Perseus makes you understand that the fight is not over yet. Gather your determination and throw yourself into the aim you pursue.  Orion keeps the chariot ready to take your command. Auriga crystallizes relationships and help notice the advantages of togetherness.

Questions: How do I slow down? Would I be able to get up after? Should I let new people change my routines?


Moon  —  22nd of June – 22nd of July


22nd of June – 27th of June Orion

28th of June – 7th of July & 18th – 22nd of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

8th of July – 17th of July Argo Navis

You need to grab the torch Orion offers to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be courageous to take the ride to the unknown. Canis Major & Canis Minor involves you in caretaking but also warns you that the greatest help is to show the way to fulfilment. Argo Navis brings changes into behaviour pattern in order to clarify events.

Questions: Am I in control of my life? Why am I afraid of my emotions? Do I need the changes life provides me with? 


Sun  — 23rd of July – 23rd of August


23rd – 25th of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

26th of July – 7th of August Draco

8th – 15th of August Ursa Major

16th – 23rd of August Hydra

The Dogs – Canis Major & Canis Minor – bring you a never ceasing appetite for joy and fun. Do not worry about it, just feel free to enjoy, for it provides you with new prospective. Evaluate your life with the help of Draco, find your merits and be proud of your achievements. Look at the possibilities of financial gain. This journey gives you strength to take the hand of Ursa Major and solve the ever-lasting disputes around you and within. Do not forget to look into the depth of events. With the help of Hydra you’ll notice things not visible for the naked eye.

Questions:  What is life all about? Who designs the Path? Do I have courage to feel the power of joy?

 New Year to Yule

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New Year to Yule

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