Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain

Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain

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Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain

16th of October 2016 – 4th of November 2017

It is a general and short forecast on important matters during the mentioned period of time.

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It is very challenging to put a forecast together for a calendar year. Since everything is always in motion, the beginning and the end of a natural year fall on different dates of the Common Era calendar each year.

The natural year starts at Autumn, usually 1 Full Moon after the Equinox ; that is on the late September or early October Full Moon. This year it starts on the 16th of October ce. In Pagan circles this celebration is called Samhain. 

A Natural Year has 5 important festivals: It starts with the New Year celebration on the Full Moon around the end of October or beginning of November. It is the real date for Halloween rituals that after the introduction of Christianity became All Saints Day. To be on the save side both are celebrated now. This is the day when the Moon is the nearest to Earth and opens up communication channels between the 2 cosms. To read more about energy interrelations of this time, please click here

The next celebration is the Winter Solstice usually 2 Full Moons after the New Year. This year it will be on the 14th of December  c.e. Bear in mind that solstices and equinoxes can only be on Full Moon since it is the dance of the Dark and Light, that are the Sun and the Moon. In Pagan or pre-religious era, as we look at the world, it is the time of the Birth of Light. The birthday of every prophet, let it be real or mythological, was celebrated on this day.  Common Era calendar looks at the universe as a non-changing and motionless place, so it puts the solstice and the birth of their prophet on the 21st and 24th of December respectively.

Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain

General view

With the 16th of October Full Moon the fourth natural year after the Galactic Quantum Leap on the 28th of December 2012 will be on its way. We are in the Golden Era now where Knowledge and Light should naturally prevail and the Great Work of the Creator Force set up dwelling in every Earthling.

It is a trying and tiring time for us. After 4,000 odd years of oppression we are accustomed to being directed towards Mass Consciousness that has been carefully planned by those in power. It altered the attitude we take on life as a concept: without observing and questioning existence it became a dull and monotonous surviving rather then living.

Either we choose to believe it or not, WE HAVE CHOICES! Choices that every individual has to make according to life task and learning procedure. The emphasis is on individual. Earthlings need to arrive to the clear understanding that we are not tied together, even if the financial structure of the consumerist society shepherds us towards accepting it as the fact of earthly existence. this year is going to be all about that. Looking for new directions, noticing choices and finding the courage to take them. Enjoy life and stop feeling guilty for joyful moments.

Please read about the basic understanding of New Age astrology.

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Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain

16th of October 2016 – 4th of November 2017 ce

General prediction:

With this Full Moon we arrive to the turning point of Earthly existence. The long and deliberate actions of the Protocoll brought us down to the knees to worship the newly established God, Money. 

As everthing in life, this event has advantages also. Since knees are the lowest we can go, and emotions are the machinery of life, the feeble attempt to recover lost feelings and compassion has started.  

The last chance towards understanding the matrix we are all part of, is presented to us; wanting is only what we need. 

The first step on this road is to release the past. It is the only way to live the present and have a future. We need to realize, that our greatest achievements are the downfall of others and bullying is based upon fear and insecurity. Cleanse your thoughts and embrace the power of togetherness rather than opposition. 

This exercise needs to start with the Self. Dare to be an individual but live without bringing shame on yourself.


Forecast according to ruling planets:

Primary dates below refer to your birthday with your leading planet. Secondary dates refer to the star formation affecting you further with the jurisdiction of the leading planet according to your birthday.


Autumn Mercury  —  24th of August – 23rd of September

24th of August – 10th of September Ursa Major

11th – 21st of September Crater

22nd – 23rd of September Argo Navis

Wow, it is definitely your year! Ursa Major helps open all the close doors ahead and keeps your focus on aims. Crater provides the necessary fire and drive to keep you going and the great vessel, the Ship of the Argonauts brings self – confidence, sexual power and great understanding. Now the only thing you need is an aim of great value and physical fitness to take the ride. Otherwise the fire comsumes you.

Questions:  What is my life all about? Am I meant for success?

Answer: Constant motion is needed to feel and experience. Emotion is the machinery of life. 


Autumn Venus   24th of September – 23rd of October

24th – 28th of September Argo Navis

29th of September – 11th of October Corvus

12th – 23rd of October Boötes

Although you seemed to be worried about financial situations most of the time, conscious changing of attitude is backed by Argo Navis, the Great Ship of the Argonauts. You realize that events could be handled differently and the half – full glass viewpoint takes you further. Corvus presents you with the glance of completeness and the feeling of ultimate happiness that awaits you on the otehr side of the great mountain called Fear you need to climb. Boötes keeps up the fire and fighting mood to get on and achieve your goals.

Questions:  Am I brave enough to leave the past? Who is holding me back?

Answer: Worrying is an illusion of achievement: takes time and energy without bringing results.


Pluto  —  24th of October – 23rd of November

24th – 26th of October Boötes

27th of October – 10th of November Corona Borealis 

11th – 19th of November Serpent

20th of November – 23rd of November Centaurus

The change of your life lies in your thoughts and actions. Boötes urges you to clean up events from the past and Corona Borealis will make you understand the beauty in others and the overwhelming emotions pure existence releases. Serpent provides you with bold and powerful drive to succeed. The sexual and sensual fire carried by Centaurus will hit you and force an acceptance out of you.

Questions:  Can I rise above everyday events? Why am I ashamed of my fire? 

Answer:   Happiness is a way of looking at life, not a momentary joy. 


Jupiter  —  24th of November – 21st of December

24th of November – 5th of December Centaurus

06th – 16th of December The Serpent Bearer 

17th – 21st of December Draco

Centaurus opens emotions and make you confident to declare your feelings to those around you. Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer slightly objects to your newly found courage and urges you to find balance in everything you do. It is all well, for Draco allows you to see opportunities and choices presented by the universe.

Questions: Emotions, are they weaknesses? Who do I want to keep strong for?

Answers: I am the part of the whole on my own right. We are all equal but different.


Saturn  —  22nd of December – 22nd of January

22nd – 23rd of December Draco

24th – 28th of December Serpent

29th of December – 13th of January Lyra

14th – 22nd of January Aquila

It seems that your decision making skills got better in the recent past. However a push comes from Draco to reveal yourself and be proud of who you are. Serpent brings comfort in teach work and understanding that we cannot do alone. Lyra takes you out of your comfort zone and shows you a totally different existence. Aguila helps you feel relaxed with new approaches what felt like compromise at the beginning. 

Questions: What is it I represent in life? Who is judging my deeds?

Answers:  How do I find the courage to become the rightful judge of my own life?


Uranus  —  23rd of January – 19th of February

23rd – 28th of January Aquila

29th of January – 8th of February 

9th – 19th of February Cygnus

Lessons of the recent past opened your horizon and presented you with great experience. Aquila pushes you further on the path of knowledge. Be conscious about learning! Overwhelming feelings of fulfilment opens by Delphinus and keeps you in alignment with your emotions. However Cygnus reminds you painful segments of the past to try your strength, stop suffering and blaming yourself. 

Questions: What is the meaning of being an earthling? What is perfection?

Answers:  Everybody does 100% of one’s capability at every given moment. You are not different.


Neptune  —  20th of February – 20th of March

20th – 29th of February Cygnus

1st – 12th of March Eridanus

13th – 20th of March Pegasus

Cygnus forces you to take actions and stand up for yourself. Maintain the two poles within by keeping emotions open. Explore new avenues despite of the effort of Eridanus to tie you to your comfort zone. Learn people around you without judging. Pegasus urges you to loosen your ties and imagined commitments. Keep riding on the moment.

Questions: What do relationships mean for me? How can I be content? 

Answers: We are in constant relationship with ourselves, the universe and everybody in it. Everything is interrelated and happens for a reason. 


Mars  —  21st of March – 18th of April

21st of March – 1st of April Pegasus

2nd – 9th of April Andromeda

10th – 18th of April Eridanus

Pegasus is a real “troublemaker” now. Keeps your mind and emotions working all the time by presenting you with unforseen turns and events. Andromeda makes certain to help clear financial worries and stabilize material issues. While Eridanus turns into an abundant river of joy. The only thing you need is to recognize all the beauty given.

Questions: Why do I need new events? Am I clever enough to change my view of life? 

Answers:  Everything is in constant motion, therefore changing. It is the fuel of existence.


Spring Venus  —  19th of April – 20th of May

19th of April – 8th of May Andromeda

9th of May – 15th of May Eridanus

16th of May – 20th of May Perseus

Andromeda makes you feel powerful, fiery and sexually charged. Take advantage of it by using this energy on an aim close to heart. Eridanus enhances your leadership capabilities and brings you admirers and followers. Perseus keeps on leash to see reasons behind events. 

Questions:  What is the purpose of my life? How do I handle fire?

Answers:  Sexual power is the greatest force on the road towards achievements.   


Spring Mercury  —  21st of May – 21st of June

21st of May – 31st of May Perseus

1st – 7th of June & 17th – 21st of June Orion

8th – 16th of June Auriga

This is a year of accomplishments. Your thoughts are clear and by now most of your questions have been answered. Perseus helps collect data on aims achieved. The road is straight however Orion pushes you off the track just for fun and experience. Auriga takes care of emotional fulfilments and joy that you recycle into power and strength.

Questions: What should I focus on? How do I find people who can help?

Answers: Life is a playground with duties, resposibilities and fun.


Moon  —  22nd of June – 22nd of July

22nd of June – 27th of June Orion

28th of June – 7th of July & 18th – 22nd of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

8th of July – 17th of July Argo Navis

Orion enforces speed in your deeds and thoughts. Cation is needed to be careful and alert, for events could turn sour by the help of Canis Major & Canis Minor. If it happens Argo Navis will not have mercy on you and make you face your deepest fears.  

Questions: Am I in control of my life? Why am I afraid of my emotions? Do I need the changes life provides me with? 

Answers:  Fear is an illusion for you are only afraid of the unknown and i feeds on ignorance.


Sun  — 23rd of July – 23rd of August

23rd – 25th of July Canis Major & Canis Minor

26th of July – 7th of August Draco

8th – 15th of August Ursa Major

16th – 23rd of August Hydra

During this natural year The Dogs, Canis Major & Canis Minor, are your best helpers. They provide you with contacts, opporunites and the right people for anything you want. However, ego is a big master and with the help of Draco you tempt to become careless and forget about responsibilities. Despite of Ursa Major securing financial gain around the household, Hydra keeps feeding insecurity and fear about the future.

Questions: How do I gain financial security? How do I keep my focus?

Answers:  Security is an illusion for it doesn’t exist.  


 Yearly forecast, Samhain to Samhain


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Have a wonderful natural year!

Love and peace

Yearly forecast – Samhain to Samhain