Golden Era

Golden Era

Golden Era

Sunset in Wadi Rum

Knowledge is spread


The understanding of the changes needs an open horizon and trust. What does it mean? First of all you trust yourself that you are capable of taking care of your own physical, emotional and mental well-being without putting yourself in a cage for security. This cage is usually formed to provide protection. However nobody and nothing is protected completely. The matrix of the energy interrelations cannot allow you to live a separate life. You might move to a forest or an island and live like Robinson Crusoe. However you are still part of the whole for you are fed by the same planet everyone else on it, the water stretching to your shores brings messages from far places and the air as the connection between Earth and the Universe interacts. While living in that sort of exile – either self-made or forced – you develop a great understanding of nature and you become the part of it. However human relationships and a greater understanding of the essence would elude you.Since we cannot run away from the matrix and security is an illusion we better understand what is happening around us.

Golden Era 

started on the Galactic Quantum Leap on 28.12.2012

As the Solar system within the Galaxy has accomplished a circle on its journey and now it needs to leap up to start another one, using all the experience it went through and learnt from during the last 5.125 years according to the common calendar. The leap brings faster energies, interesting planetary movements and changes in the effect of the Sun and Moon.

28th of December 2012 is also the end of the Galactic circle. This is quite difficult to imagine because we do not feel the motion and we adore permanence. Again we need to get back to the fact that everything is in motion all the time. The feeling of permanence is yet another illusion for very few earthlings have highly developed senses to actually feel, see or hear the movement of energies. In this constant motion changes are inevitable regardless of our preference.

Golden Era

is the time when the whole Galaxy leaps into the state it deserves according to its past and present. I would say it is a Galactic stock taking time. Again, I need to press that the Galaxy is not a separate entity for we are in it and we have a saying in its development. It works similarly to every unit. Let us look at a family as a unit. For me family doesn’t mean blood relations but earthlings, who for some reason, live together in co-dependence. The degree and the type of dependency vary according to the energy of the parties involved. As we have already mentioned the energy of a human being is the result of past experiences and the degree of learning from them. People without adequate information would not be able to benefit from experience and others filled with fear from the unknown would not have any experience to show. All the mentioned behaviour patterns are the product of the thought forms of the particular earthling. Do not forget that everything happens in the mind. Despite of the very different view from the medical profession, even emotions spring from there. They are self-made tools to advance on the path of evolution. I will give you 2 examples on the matter.

Golden Era

is the time for major changes in attitude towards life.

Yesterday, while I was working online, a lady came to me for help, saying that she would like to know if her husband leaves her forever this time. I was telling her that give a yes or no to this type of questions is irresponsible for there are always maybes and ifs to consider. I went on saying that since it is not his first attempt he made his decision and it should be respected. Then I asked her if she was happy in her marriage. She said no to that question and added that she would become depressed and would lose her job if he leaves. I pointed out to her that now both of them are unhappy and by his move at least he would have some chances to arrive at some sort of fulfilment therefore it is selfish to hold him back. I also said that she is programing herself to become depressed and she should be grateful for the work opportunity. Also with depression medication is involved and to come out of that trap is very difficult indeed. She argued her case saying that nobody really want to become depressed, it just come and it is not her fault if she loses her job. At this sentence I withdrew and decided to leave the subject.

Golden Era

present us with even more choices.

My next example is a case of a girl who also wanted some help. She was on Xanax since the age of 16 and her attitude towards life reached the level of vegetating by the age of 27. In cases like this help can only come if the addictive thought manipulation drug intake stops. It is a very responsible step from both healer and patient. After the decision of giving life a chance was made by the patient the plan was draw and the withdrawing procedure started. It wasn’t easy but we have arrived at a clear mind and body situation as a strong foundation for a happy and prosperous life. Her will power helped her out of a no-man’s land. Well done!

I gave you these examples to show that the power of the Universe is not enough and changes are not coming out of the blue. Doors and windows need to be opened providing full access to the new and unknown.

Many earthlings rejoice and welcome the imminent changes saying that good, love and peace would come to Earth. But nobody mentions that without you doing your part nothing will happen! Similar energies like each other therefore Love and Peace can only come if you produce a ground for it! It means that you need to arrive to the state when you are in PEACE with YOURSELF and you LOVE YOURSELF. Remember you can only be loved or able to love to the degree you love yourself.

People talk about the reign superpowers and the media and they wish for changes. However, there is very little discussion over our role in the matter. WE CREATED THEM. WE LET THEM BE. And as long as we are only dreaming about dignity and self-respect it is going to stay.

Golden Era

pushes us towards conscious existence.

The value of a human being comes from the microcosm. Without taking charge of our own life and bearing the responsibility of decision making we cannot contribute to society. Think about it every day when you blame those you put in the driver’s seat. They might be your friends and family but this fact alone doesn’t give them the authority to live your life and carry out changes into your way of living. On the other hand willpower and strength are needed with self-confidence and trust in yourself. You must understand that nobody can do it for you; they all do it for themselves, for their own fears and insecurity.

Please do not fool yourself with a dream that you get up in the morning of the 28th of December 2012 and everything will change. But if you seriously want changes to reach your microcosm, the work needs to start.

We are going to have a celebration – ritual – work on the eve of the 28th. Some of us in physical form and our 3 covens will join in spirit to back the work we do. With the support of The Full Moon, Venus and the Sun we join the 2 cosms in WHOLY matrimony.

We need your strength and willpower to support our deed.

The details of the ceremony will be on my website very soon. It could become a worldwide celebration and healing.

We celebrate the conscious existence

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Golden Era

is what we have. it doesn’t go away.

by Akia@All rights reserved

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