Gematria is a widely misused expression today.


This is my drawing in pursuit of the basic structure of the Universe.

Like other important words as Alchemy, Witchcraft, Shaman, Spirituality, Energy and Healing, Gematria fell prey of the superficial Knowing-it-all game, when the original meaning of the word is replaced by an easily obtainable and artificial state of the Ego in order to gain importance by lessening the real thing.

Let us look at the first word: alchemy. Today it is loosely used for social abilities of blending with people or being able to manage emotional stress. In reality the word Al Khemi – as it supposed to be – literary means the Matter of Egypt; Khem being the ancient name of the African country. It is also important to give this particular wisdom the benefit when mentioning the word and value of the Royal Art.

Witchcraft  is a newish expression created in the beginning of the Pisces era around  the birth of Christianity when the Male centred Old Testament produced a dividend between the 2 poles, separated sciences and valuable practices to lose the interrelations of events and energies. As a result a wide gap was created between the 2 genders and female Shaman practitioners were stigmatized as witches and wiccans while male practitioners became the celebrated teachers and channels between the micro and the macrocosm. Today the existence of male witches is widely accepted. However the great art is reduced to a playground.

Shaman is a Shah Man the powerful, knowledgeable and in command. A Shah is a healer, a great communicator, an interpreter of events, seer of the Past, builder of the Present and changer of the Future. The second half was added to the root again much later to emphasize the earthly mortality of the great person and also to make an assumption that only members of the male gender are capable of reaching such greatness. It has been chiseled deep into the mind of Earthling. Although I am The Master and I taught everything to my male disciples, those in need or with cultivated curiosity would approach them easier than turning to me for help.      


Gematria is also the combination of 2 words: Gem  and Atria. I would like to start with the explanation of the last part in order to give more credibility to the first. Atria is the plural of atrium. It is a Greek word meaning hall, or a kind of room that serves as a station one passes through as a necessary experience in reaching the ultimate destination. It is everywhere and in everything. It oozes motion and change therefore LIFE.

The first part of the world is Gem.  It means something precious, extraordinary and important. It also means that with special focus and attention facets are carved into its surface at regular intervals and at exact angles to hold and reflect the light. Light is knowledge and clarity.

Following my little introduction Gematria is the structure of life and with it the structure of the Universe. The priceless DNA that is in everything and everybody.

It has been known since the beginning and remembered by great philosophers, mathematicians, such as Thoth, Archimedes. Pythagoras and others before and after them.


During the summer while working on my latest book I had a keen urge to sit down and draw. Nothing artistic, but few geometrical form related to Pi, Phi, circles, equilateral triangles and the great Pyramid of Giza. I have read many reports about the measurements related to the most amazing Fingerprints of the Gods; however something was missing from those explanations.

I was looking for the Beginning, The Whole; the interrelations in numbers and geometrical forms and the most important symbol that says it all.

I looked for my callipers and a ruler and constructed 2 equilateral triangles sharing the base line. I use the idea very often to represent the 2 cosms, especially nowadays but somehow I knew that it was temporary.

I drew in the line to connect the 2 peaks and with the shared base line it shaped into a perfect cross of unequal possibilities but without suffering. Then I went on adding 2 circles embedded in the triangles, sort of connecting them. I felt very good about that. I also discovered the Vesica Pisces symbol that has been strongly noted as a Freemasonry shape. However I disagree, for Vesica Pisces has existed far before the mentioned former Secret Society.


I always get sad when I see ancient symbols with perfectly good and unconditional meanings used and renamed by certain group of people. I feel very strongly about it and do my best to save them from going down the drain and being forgotten forever.

I was fiddling with my drawing and somehow I managed to put a pyramid in the middle. When I looked at it I had this feeling that it carried the proportions of the Gizai Great Pyramid.

I am not a mathematician – I wish I was though – so I asked a student of mine who actually happens to be a good friend, to make some sense of it.

She did, and she also confirmed my feelings that the drawing carried all the essential elements of sacred gematria with the Pi and the Phi embedded in it. It is an endless path of creation.



Now I know that the symbol of the New Life after the Galactic Quantum Leap is no the 2 equilateral triangles slipped into each other but it is the 2 of them in a perfect tie forming a perfect rhomboid.

I was very proud of my discovery until yesterday when I found a drawing exactly like mine in John Michell’s book! Well, never mind, I still have the symbols and the perfect harmony of creation in it.

I wish to thank Zsuzsa Cserháti for the great work she did with my “scribble”.

Now I know that the symbol of the New Life after the Galactic Quantum Leap is no the 2 equilateral triangles slipped into each other but it is the 2 of them in a perfect tie forming a perfect rhomboid.

Gematria is sacred. It is the elixir, the understanding and the path to The Great Work. It is the Key. It is the missing vowels from the YHVH, the Unseen Soul and Cosmic Knowledge.

Every experience takes us nearer to it.


Gematria is the sacred structure of the Universe. No less no more. And it should not be used for trivial matters or boost egos.

Love and peace


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