Emotions are the machinery of life. Without them an earthling stops living and deteriorates into the abyss of passing. However, passing is not as easy as we might think. It takes many years of subdued refusal to go with the flow, to interrelate and to be part of this magnificent learning procedure we call life.

As everything, emotions also come from the mind. It is very naïve to think that we catch them from open air or even better, we are chosen by them; and if we are not careful enough, they torment us for years to come. I am only saying it because in my family and relationship counselling business people are talking about I cannot help it.  You know, when we say, oh yes, I am in love with him. I cannot help it. He is nasty to me, he beats me up, but love is blind. Not at all! Love is not blind but we are!

We have certain preconception about everything, related behaviour patterns, all kinds of do-s and do not-s; some of which we learn watching our parents and the grown-ups around. A big portion of the fixed ideas would come from the media such as films, music and magazines and what we might refer to as education. There is also religion to concern and should not forget the inclination of the soul according to the knowledge it has access to.

With this foundation life starts and interrelations begin. Everything we do think or say is energy; as they interrelate, they generate emotions.

As we grow and go through experiences in life the emotions generated by interactions will change. A type of joke you found hilarious last year might not bring smile on your face this year. Of course you went through events and interactions of your own and they somewhat changed your ideas of issues.

The emotional state of an earthling changes by experience and knowledge. When I say knowledge I mean the Haya Sophia, the Magnum Opus, the knowledge of the Universe. Naturally it is a choice to pursue the Knowledge or struggle through life.

Emotions are the mirrors of the way one looks at the world. Now you might say that there are people who successfully conceal emotions. We describe nations with the words cool as a cucumber and there seem to be an etiquette code according to which we prejudge people.

Think about it! We do not trust one who smiles a lot or laugh thinking that he is not trustworthy and serious.

Can you imagine? Whatever we do it comes from our emotions; or emotions come from whatever we do.



This is the place where everything happens. It is the meeting point of the 3 bodies – the astral, the spiritual and the physical – where thoughts and experiences are exchanged. It is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. Furthermore it is the place where the macrocosmic triangle touches the microcosmic one and if circumstances permit they start slipping into each other. This action is controlled by the trinity of the eyes. The left eye is the Water, subconscious and positive; the right is the Earth, conscious and negative in polarity; and the third eye is the neutral one keeping the balance through the right Knowledge flowing in with help from Light as the conveyor of cosmic experiences. This is the result of a very complex information exchange brought in by the senses. As I mentioned earlier we only focus with one eye at every given time according to the initial viewpoint we stored in the brain. Using the right eye we would be looking for a so-called realistic view while the left gives us some room for improvement. However, regardless of which eye we use the information received would end up in two places at the same time: in the subconscious and in the conscious.

The third eye or the neutral eye is called by different names to fit the philosophy or religion: God’s eye, the eye that sees everything or it is preceded by the name of a certain prophet. I like the idea of ancient Egypt and usually call it the eye of Horus for it fits the trinity structure of the Universe: Isis, Osiris and Horus. Also the Eye of Horus, like everything else from the same place is designed according to the function of the pathway. Therefore the eye has 6 doors. They are assigned to the senses where impulses and information come in. It mirrors the evolutionary state of the soul with the hindering and forwarding behaviour patterns and thought forms.



I do not support the idea that we carry a code from our earthly ancestors. These codes are supposed to lead you to the trodden path of your grandparents, in some cases that of your great-great grandparents. They are also meant to transfer or continue the responsibility for their deeds onto your shoulders creating quite an upheaval and many obstacles in your life. When we look at the constantly moving Universe we realize that this idea is only wishful thinking by those who dislike change and dwell in the past. Or of those who want to implant fear and with that total succumb to man-made controlling rules. It is a very dangerous idea indeed. The foundation is very fragile and totally dismisses the possibility of the Macrocosm by turning Earthlings into narrow minded robot-like creatures with very few choices about the future.

Earthly ancestors mean very little to a soul. Many people follow or relive the life of a parent of the same gender believing that there is no choice; that this path has to be taken for it is karmic or simply fate. Well choices do not come to you by themselves. One needs to have adequate information to be presented with choices. Everybody has a choice but one needs to find those paths. For many people having choices is a curse. Different aspects need to be looked at and decisions need to be made. The other convincing feature of path following is fear.

There are certain cases when one follows the footsteps of a parent without much thought and consideration and then when reality hits it is too late to stop the motion. Looking at parents as raw models can make or break the future of a child. There is far more to parenting than staying together and pretending to be a happy family.

There are also physical inclinations such as certain movements and ways of carrying oneself; likes and dislikes for food, drink, events and so on. As likes and dislikes are in the mind I would not take it as a code. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. I lived with my mother who was constantly blaming my father for everything and told nasty stories about him even though she was already remarried and had a new baby from the second marriage. One day, when I was eating sourcrout, which happened to be my very favourite dish, she mentioned that I was a lot like my father because I loved the dish and so did he. I put the spoon down straight away and had not look at a sour cabbage dish for a couple years until I had the opportunity to meet my father and understand him a bit better. I realized that he was not a bad person so it stopped bothering me that I was in any way like him.

Biological inclinations are very tricky indeed. The physical body is the merge of 2 other bodies therefore there is a great possibility to develop inclinations towards certain illnesses or other inclinations carried by one of the merging bodies.

These tendencies are dormant until a key energy triggers them open. And here we arrive back to the interrelations of energies for it is the key to everything. Depending on the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious one carries a certain emotional state which works like a magnet and pulls in certain energies to interfere with the condition of the existing one. This is how these inclinations open blend into the life of the unsuspecting victim.

As a healer I would say that these tendencies are not only detectable but curable. Although this book is not focused on healing I will make an exception here and tell you the way we work with inclination.

Everything important to an earthling is in the mind. Therefore the mind enjoys special protection from intruders and slow energies. I grouped up brain functions and created 12 cells that are easy to handle and good to work with during healing. For extra protection I put those cells into the merkaba. It is spaceship for the soul we use during astral travelling and also serves as a protection for life functions. The door of the merkaba only opens for the owner. Every soul has a merkaba however one has to be ready in order to work with it.

Everything we do here on Earth is about the interrelation of energies in human relationships. These experiences further the understanding of the Self, the 4 elements within and around, and the journey towards the ultimate goal: the connection to the Creator force within. Without it the Fire element of the Universe would go unnoticed and wasted. It is the condition to become the part of the whole and to find the balance we seemingly seek.

As my experience shows this harmony or balance is widely misunderstood amongst earthlings. Out of the few goals we aim for this is the most common. We never stop dreaming about it however deeds usually stay in the background or begin an unrelated journey. We have been fed with fairy tales which show the struggle we need to go through to reach the “and lived happily ever after” state and it is always the consequence of marriage, if I put it loosely a couplehood, between 2 different gendered healthy earthlings with some sort of wealth behind them to support the harmony they are after. This is a symbolic view of earthly living and should not been taken word for word. The “what is important is hidden” theory is in action here once again. The wedding of the 2 poles means that the interrelations are learnt, emotions understood and mastered and the 2 cosms are united in 1. With the 4 elements existing in harmony the earthling is ready for the evolution and the quantum leap. This is the marriage we are after; in reality however the meaning is concealed behind dogmas, spiritual and religious views that mirror the actual evolutionary level of their creator.

The “live happily ever after” concept depicts an imaginary state earthlings search for. “I only want to be happy! Is it too much to ask for?” we say while waiting for some kind of a miracle to provide us with the subject or object of our happiness. We do not realize that the question itself is the only obstacle preventing us from reaching a state of harmony. Primarily the sentence is pointed to the Self, and quite rightly I must admit, for happiness comes from within, whatever our understanding of the word is. Nevertheless we mislead ourselves by pretending to be aware of this. However on the picture behind this question there is always somebody taking up a very prominent place in the outcome. Why do we say that “I want to be happy” when it is conditioned on the presence of another person? There are 2 answers to this question: we either do not care or we do not understand. Neither of these conditions takes us closer to the goal due to the lack of a basic understanding of earthly living.

Earthlings are here to evolve through experience. Basically there are 2 kinds of experiences: conscious and random. Although they both further the journey, in this case I talk about spiritual experience and not of money-making skills. Earthlings who are aware of the path set their goals with an understanding that they are only necessary for drawing the initial direction rather than an aim to reach. Random experiences are thrown in by the Universe to help the evolutionary journey. As everything is interrelated these events are actually the consequences of the energy movements in one’s life. Earthlings who are spiritually aware would be grateful for and learn from both. Others would get angry, depressed, hurt and unhappy about the random experiences, and would hurry to reach the goal they consciously set without walking the path towards it.

It does not matter which way I look at the interrelation of energies in human relationships, the Self has to be built in order to understand that you are responsible for not only your deeds, words and thoughts but for those of every human being because you are also affected by their deeds, words and thoughts.

It is very easy to get lost on the road to fulfillment. However, one thing is for sure: there is no easy way and spiritual development is a must. The fear of being different keeps a lot of people away from this search and the misconception concerning the meaning of spirituality and religion only add to the task load.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices often centred upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality. Becoming part of a religious group only requires acceptance of the mentioned beliefs; while spirituality is an individual and sometimes lonely path to walk in order to become one with the Creator Force.

Looking at our world at the moment there are different groups trying to push, sometimes even force earthlings into agreement of their theories of life by limiting their views of the Universe and promising salvation for deeds they consider improper for a human being. Needless to say, the choice is yours. Occasionally one might be forced into joining certain assemblies but nevertheless the real and the only freedom dwells in the mind regardless of the behaviour pattern of the physical body.

Religious groups and individuals who denounce the exchange of energies between earthlings in any way, are hiding away from the pleasure, sorrow, happiness, sadness and the othjer feelings encountered through this type of exchange. As practice shows, their aura is pale and the fire is missing from it together with the element of Earth. One might say that being connected to the Creator Force is all one needs, and that knowledge finds a way to flow into the consciousness of the individual. However, we are here to learn and go through certain events and to understand the Creator – meaning the first knowledge that was able to multiply by division – within. Without this wisdom one cannot get connected to it, of the dividend created between the 2 worlds.

Coming down here is a choice. Therefore turning away from earthly life is like hiding behind dogmas and excuses to spare the self from hurt, disappointment and sorrow. On the other hand it is an existence without the wonderful experiences of everyday events. Living in the physical body but putting on the shoulders of fellow earthlings to maintain it is an unfair deed. Furthermore, these groups get what they want from others by using the most common black mailing system by shifting responsibilities and raising guilt in the uncertain and undecided minds. They might even say what they do is a sacrifice and that it is done for your benefit. Do not be fooled! It is a selfish act, to serve the ego by seemingly becoming egoless.

Talking about myself I cannot see why I should support somebody’s earthly connection by feeding or paying for the necessities to keep it alive, when I need to look after my own and work for the support. I choose to take part in life, I bear responsibilities for my own deeds, I make choices and I evolve.

There is another very interesting group of earthlings: the consumerists. They only believe in what they see – which is obviously very limited – and they build their material wealth, indulge the physical body and go through their chosen experiences in life. This group of earthlings are connected to the Earth element. Sometimes this hits Water and very seldom arrives at the level of Air. Fire definitely avoids this group.

If I had to classify the 2 groups I would definitely vote for the latter. They work, they use their minds and they even exercise their physical body and look after it. They also play with emotions and one day they might just wake up with the desire to change! To reach the macrocosmic Fire element from Earth through Water and Air as the major stations of evolution is a strong possibility. On the other hand reaching for the macrocosm without understanding the micro is a definite shift of responsibilities.

Every human relationship is based upon the evolutionary state of the self. In the interrelation individuals should learn from each other through unconditional trust and love. This type of love is helpful and emotionless; the secret of which is to understand the fact that earthlings perform the 100% of their abilities at every given time. It is only expectation that belittles it.



Zsa Zsa Tudos


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