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Egypt Sahara – Nile tour

Egypt Sahara – Nile tour

Egypt Sahara – Nile tour

14th – 26th of September 2014
Khem, the Land of the Black Soil is where Al Khemi comes from.
It is my task to open the Royal Art and make it accessible for everybody who supports changes in the Golden Time of Life. That is why I organize various tours to Egypt.
Map of Egypt

On arrival to Cairo International Airport we are picked up and transported to our hotel. After check in we take a stroll and have dinner.

1st night in Cairo


After breakfast we are picked up by our extraordinary guide and taken for and amazing tour of


Giza – pyramids


 Memphis, the old capital of Lower Egypt



And The journey to the Great Sahara starts.

Our first stop is the Bahariya Oasis that is 370 km into the desert. On arrival we check into the hotel.

 Egypt Sahara – Nile tour


Tour the city


 Visit the Temple of Alexander the Great

 Tombs of the Nobles

 English Mountain



3rd night in Bahariya


After breakfast we continue our journey into the wilderness of the Sahara. We visit the


Black Desert

 Dune area where we climb the 50 m dune


On route to Farafra we visit the


Crystal Mountain

 The Area of the Wonders with the Desert Roses

 The Arch


Egypt Sahara – Nile tour



On arrival to the White Desert we explore the


 Formation and Sculptures mastered by the Sahara Wind

 Another dimension in the desert with extraordinary energies and scenery

 Somewhere is between we have lunch and dinner at camp.


 4th night spent in the White Desert camping the way the travellers do.


After breakfast we reach the city of Farafra


 Explore the city

 Bathe in the Hot Spring

 Visit the museum of Badr, the local artist


Then continue our way to Dakhla Oasis. Upon arrival we visit the


Egypt Sahara – Nile tour



The Old Covered City with its Oil Press


 The Courthouse

 Dwelling Chambers

 Muzzawaka, The decorated Hill

 Amun Temple at Deir El Hagar


Somewhere on the road we have lunch.


5th night in Dakhla


After early breakfast we head for Luxor.



Arriving to Luxor we check into our hotel.  After we have lunch in a Nubian restaurant.


 Visit Luxor Temple

 Have a beer at the “Main Watering Hole of the City”

 Visit the Soukh


Egypt Sahara – Nile tour



After breakfast we leave for Dendera and Abydos

It is another day when traditional lunch is skipped.

We have dinner  in the “hotel”.

6th & 7th nights we spend in Luxor



The next morning after breakfast we check into a luxurious floating hotel on the Nile where we spend 4 nights sailing down to Aswan.

Arriving to Edfu – Kom Ombo we have breakfast before visiting the ancient city of Behdet, the modern day’s Edfu and the most beautiful temple dedicated to Horus. It is on the West Bank of the river.



After lunch we visit the temple  – dedicated to many throughout time – in Nubt, the City of Gold that is the modern days Kom Ombo on the East bank of the river Nile.


Kom Ombo


We have our food on the felucca prepared by an excellent native chef. We also have the opportunity to swim in the Nile, the Earthly Milky Way, under the Moonlight.

In the main time, with the help of the wind, our hotel takes us to Aswan.

After breakfast in Aswan we are off to Philae Island in Lake Nasser. Since it is after the Aswan Dam we use road transport to get there. The great complex is dedicated to Osiris and highly respected by the Nubians also.




Next morning very early we are off to


Abu Simbel on the shore of Lake Nasser


It is one of the most amazing temples on the Land of Knowledge, the ancient Khem.  This part of Egypt is known as Nubia reflecting the cultural inheritance and influence. The temple is dedicated to the Greatness of the land and of the 2 poles of nature. One of the temples features Amun, Ra-Horakhty and Ptah while the other depicts Hathor and Nefertari giving substantial female energy to the land.

Returning to Aswan we have lunch on the Nile in a restaurant.

After lunch have a short walk in the Soukh and off to Marsa Alam on the Red Sea.

We have dinner there and a short rest before we start our overnight journey back to Cairo.




Cairo – Desert – Nile – Aswan tour:     £750   


The tour is exclusive of the plane ticket.

It is inclusive of Full Board and the mentioned accommodations.

The price of the hotel in Aswan is based upon a Half Board arrangement.

All transfers in cities are by air conditioned private minibus. In the desert transportation is by private 4 x 4 Toyota Land cruisers.

We are lucky to the very best desert touring company. Their experience and knowledge are beyond anybody else’s on the field.

We are also grateful to have our highly esteemed and knowledgeable friend for our tour guide.

Please send questions or first enquiries to

To reserve your place in this particular tour £200 deposit required.


Love and peace

by Akiaphilosophy®

This tour is organized by the Ride the Rollercoaster Charitable Company

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