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The 4 initiations of the Universe

The 4 initiations of the Universe

    The 4 Initiations of the Universe

In February 2003 ce (common era) Neptune energy still charged with Pisces was chased out by the newcomer Uranus energy and the New Age started. Most Earthlings would call it the Age of Aquarius; however astronomical changes and our behaviour pattern reshuffled the Solar System and slowed Earth down. As it happened the ecliptic of the planet shortened and moved out of alignment with the 12 star formations zodiac. The effects of the ruling planets are still players and that is why we call it the Age of Uranus now.

Uranus energy is a much faster and emotionally charged surrounding than that of Neptune and Pisces. It provided a welcome boost for the quantum leap and fastened up the consciousness of the Golden Era.

The 4 initiations of the Universe

makes life easier and clearer after the quantum leap.

By the changes in the surroundings we were pressured to implement certain alterations in our behaviour pattern and way of thinking to get into alignment with the Macrocosm. In order to achieve this, first we need to raise our consciousness of the Microcosm, meaning the Self and Earth itself. The base of this consciousness for Earthlings is the Initiation sequel of the 4 elements. Initiations – also referred to as Atunements – are available for every Earthling regardless his social background, race, gender, age and religion. It is a deep learning and self-discovering procedure, when the candidate gets into alignment with the element by removing the hindering factors, and opens the possibilities of widening the horizon. The workshop also gives you guidance how to implement the collected information into everyday living and turn it into wisdom. I think I should mention it here that learning is reminding us the knowledge we all possess.

The 4 initiations of the Universe

brings your Microcosm nearer to the Macrocosm.

Number 4 is the symbol of the 4 basic elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – the 4 directions, the Moon cycle of 4 x 7, the 4 sides of the pyramid and it also represents the total consciousness. Everything in the Universe has been created with this number. It is Law, Truth, Order and Realization. The number depicts the Creator – the first knowledge that was able to multiply by division – and its 4 basic naturalistic such as Omnipresence, Wisdom, Love and Immortality.

The meaning of

The 4 levels of Initiations of the Universe

An Earthling initially has 4 ties to the Universe. By understanding them one by one, the ties are cut to enable the Earthling to gain the ultimate freedom he needs to become an equal part of the Universe. The first of these connections is between the physical body and the planet. It is the whole physical existence. The second is the emotional field that is connected to earthly life. The third is the connection between the Universe and the physical existence. The highest level is the fourth, when the Earthling becomes one with the Universe.

In the Universe Earthlings are classified according to their Initiation level. The lowest is the Hylic level. These Earthlings are connected to the material plane and have no connections with higher levels. The next would be those who understand that emotions are the fuel of life machinery and that spiritual growth is only possible through them. This is the Psychic level. The next is the Spiritual level, where Earthlings understand the interrelations of the Micro and Macrocosm. The fourth and highest is the Astral plane, where total connection with the Universe is made.


The 4 initiations of the Universe

Earthlings would arrive nearer to understand the Self, Life and other people in it.

The 4 initiations of the Universe

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