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Philosophy unlocks the mind and the soul. It does not seek to answer – it seeks to question. It helps us to observe the beauty in life.

Are you ready to tap into the true philosophy of your life?


AKIA philosophy® will release your spirit. It unleashes cosmic knowledge through teaching you of access to your unseen soul – the one aspect of the world which we can all come to understand.

Where do you begin? With Earth Initiation! Connect yourself with the very Mother Nature from which you came. Meditate and become one with the universe we inhabit.

AKIA means Atiru Keta Intaara Amango: Earth’s consciousness. Philosophy is about organizing what we do and do not yet know, but, even without a concrete answer, we can unlock ourselves.

This is not about our persona, behaviour patterns or beliefs – it is about the very CORE of our being. That inner calm and spiritual understanding lying deep within the depths of our minds, simply waiting to be awakened!

So if you are ready to unburden your soul of any obstacles or worries, uplift your soul and open your mind with wonderful courses in AKIA philosophy.

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Love and peace

Zsa Zsa

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