The story of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree

The story of the Christmas tree


In Christian traditions the Christ Mass tree replaced the Yule tree and the bonfire, used to celebrate the Winter Solstice at the late December or early January full moon as the Birth of Light by Pagans, Shamans, Magi and everybody else who were on the path of living in alignment with the Universe.

When the Christian Redeemer’s birthday was put on a date near the Winter Solstice – so He could take over as the Light Himself – the long lived symbol of evolution and experience was renamed and filtered into the collective consciousness. There was an added essence to fit the consumerism which started its prominent life around the same time as religions. It is quite logical. At the beginning of the 5th Sun Age when The Knowledge widely disappeared and earthlings lost the connection with the Universe and as such with nature, they created a human-like God and put humanity under His governance. Rules and regulations were needed to take over from the laws of physics and the interrelation of energies. Prior to that Moses conveniently received the Ten Commandments in written form to replace The Covenant, the earlier version of communication between God and Its subjects. Originally the expression refers to the unwritten agreement between The Creator Force and Earthlings. I would translate it as The Law of Nature that covers the interrelations of the 2 cosms.

I would like to state it, as a reminder, that today many non-Christians celebrate Christmas for the sake of the rituals – such as dinner, togetherness and above all for the presents – connected to it without realizing that they are becoming part of the belief system and take its energy with all the karma attached to it. They overlook another important ingredient that Christmas is Christ Mass in reality. The worshiping of a human being who was conceived on the 8th of December – the Immaculate Conception is a national holiday in Italy and probably many other countries – and was born on the 24th of December.  Since his father is the Holy Spirit, what or whoever He is in this case, 16 days were enough for the unique fetus to develop fully and come to light. Christmas spreads hand in hand with globalization and consumerism. It is everywhere to push us to spend money, work very hard, cut a tree and buy it, meet people we might not really want to and drink-eat excessively.

As every Christian holy day, Christmas is put on a well-established and prominent celebration of the Winter Solstice that is on the late December or early January Full Moon. It has been celebrated by earthlings since the very beginning; as the first festival after the New Year celebration at the end of October – beginning of November. After the planning and preparation of the cycle ahead, a well-deserved feast and bonfire welcomed the Birth of Light. In these celebrations there was always a symbol of a triangle form with 7 steps with a five pointed star on the top. Torches, later candles were placed on the steps. The triangle depicted the pyramid; the number of steps represented the two triangles and the meeting point: 2 x 3 + 1 = 7.


The star depicts the five important dates in a human cycles and the occult knowledge. It was also used to announce the arrival of Venus; The Light, The Knowledge, Understanding and Change. She entered into the Solar system at the beginning of the Fifth Sun Age, lit up the sky, forming a 5 pointed star to lead us to enlightenment.

The most ancient representation of the 7 steps pyramid is in Saqqara which was built before the first 144 souls, dressed in human physical bodies hit the ground of the planet. I would like to add here that I am fully aware of the fact that Saqqara is thought to have six steps.

By time the triangle – pyramid turned into the Yule tree showing stages of evolution for Pagan celebrations of the Birth of Light. Pine was selected for its shape and evergreen nature to symbolize the immortality of the soul. The tree wasn’t cut but carried to the place of the celebration and taken back to its natural environment later. As Knowledge faded, the five pointed star was pushed back and became the symbol of occult wisdom and in some cases Venus. How did it land on the top of the Christmas tree?



According to Christian mythology a shining star reminded the 3 kings that a prophet was born and urged them to make their ways to Bayt Lahm, the place in Palestine we call Bethlehem today. The shining star was Venus; she is still the brightest source of enlightenment on the sky and serves as the most common symbol on Islamic flags.

Venus, the Aetherian Hetaera has an intense relationship with the wiser, calmer and very powerful Moon. The Ladies of the sky have an on and off connection. This connection is the most powerful during the time of the Shekina. Contrary to the fascinating interpretations of the word, Shekina is a powerful communication channel.

Shekina is the greatest female power of the solar system that points towards  Knowledge, Light and Rebirth.


History and mythologies recount the Shekina at the birth of every prophet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a Shekina but without it none of those stories could be complete.

The story of the Christmas tree

Being initiated into a religion at the time of your unconscious existence does not automatically make you the part of that particular group. Only if you follow the rules and regulations of the religion you could call yourself a Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim. However, later when you become aware of the energies around, you can organize your life accordingly and choose if you wish to continue with your given religion. Whatever you do, pay attention to the symbols used in your house. Do not bring in souvenirs only because they look good but because you want their energy to be the part of your life. Yes, it is all on the surface now. We talk about the Christmas tree as a must have and must see because we have been told that it is pretty.

Christmas tree and everything associated with it are part of the greatest commercial stunt of modern life. Cooking meals for people you are happy to be with doesn’t need the Christmas tree, buy expensive gifts and change your TV set to please the family and the neighbours would only give you headache later.

The most puzzling in the story is that people usually look at Christmas as the symbol of LOVE. How did we arrive here?

Have a rest, talk to people you want to or enjoy your time the way you wish.


Have a Great Holiday Season! Love and peace.