Be my Valentine!

Be my Valentine!

Be my Valentine – catch me if you can!
Be my Valentine!

Every Pagan festival on the Wheel of the Year fell victim to Christian consumerism. Imbolc, the early February four-day ritual celebration has different names in nature loving earthling communities today.  It is purification time before the fertility and copulation festival during the Oestara, the Spring Equinox.

The Goddess, after giving birth to the Light God at Yule the Winter Solstice, her health is restored, her body purified and she becomes a bride again.

In my childhood, in the South of Hungary there was a celebration where the bride was made out of corn, dressed in white (it is the reason behind the white bridal dress); laid into a fluffy, comfortable, hand woven and sewn bed, in a beautifully crafted basket. A group of elders carried her from house to house. It was a great honour to have the Goddess in one’s house for she was the symbol of clear mind, readiness for the future and growth, both material and spiritual.  After the day long walk an acorn tipped wand was placed next to her in the bed as a phallic symbol, representing the groom, the God. The basket was covered, and the women of the village stayed with them until sunrise when the celebration started.

Be my Valentine!

Presently there are three similarly named saints in the directory of Vatican and it has not been decided which one of them is behind the popular commercial illusion called Valentine’s Day.

Apart from the material value, the 14th of February brings momentary joy to some and great heartache to others. It is very naïve to think that the I love you or the Be my Valentine uttered on this particular day would enhance or save any relationships from the inevitable. Others might experience greater insecurity and less value if there is nobody to buy them a gift.

Be my Valentine!

Why do we need to put a commercial value on our relationships? The answer is insecurity. Where does the insecurity come from? It comes from lack of knowledge and understanding.  What is it we do not understand? Each other. Why not? Because we fail to see that everybody is different and everybody is right. We are not strong enough to see events from the other person’s point of view. Above all, we do not know ourselves. To keep our comfort zone we set out to lure the prospective partner into it without paying attention to the damage the move might cause in the emotional state of the other person.

Be my Valentine!

Our perception of relationships is mainly formed by the mass media.  Fairy tales from countries influenced by Christianity are talking about sufferings, trials, adventurous battles leading to the ecstasy of inseparable togetherness crowned by a marriage ceremony reassuring the reader that they lived happily ever after.  In addition, the same religion provides ceremonies, like the first communion, when young girls have the opportunity to sample the feeling associated with the white bridal dress. It has been chiselled into their mind that life is about growing up and becoming a mother. Nobody talks about the road being more important than the aim itself. That one needs to study the Self first, appreciate that joyful motherhood is the result of a satisfied love life and a respectful couplehood. That bearing children is not Life itself but a choice to embrace as a part of it.

Be my Valentine!

As an internationally experienced family and relationship counsellor I arrived to the conclusion that there are no relationship exists where all participants are happy. I am not saying that it is impossible, only stating that happiness comes from within and it should not be reduced to floating illusion or the presence of something or someone. It is a state of mind when clear vision of existence prevails and brings satisfactory living conditions. It is all in the mind. However the content of the mind is the result  of information and experience; in one word Knowledge.

Biologically there is a great difference between the brain of a male and a female. It is all about the sexual centre, where arousal, sexual desire, lust and sensuality derive from. In the case of a woman this centre is near the hearing centre while with men it is near the seeing centre. For the first glance it doesn’t seem to be a big deal really however if one looks closer the two approaches support different understandings of the subject.

I also need to say that at the time of creation the 2 genders depicted the 2 perfect poles on earth. These are the male and the female. We need to look at them as separate entities who work towards the understanding and developing the missing qualities. This is the only time when the other half makes sense to me.

Here I show you how our senses work and alter our behaviour patterns according to preference.

In Ancient Egypt, where the Knowledge was preserved for humanity, every symbol had great meaning. The Eye of Horus represents the relationship between senses. In this example I am going to use the original Egyptian measurement mostly because it is in alignment with the measures of the Universe.

The eye has 6 doors. Doors, where impulses and information come and go.

the perfect blend of senses

That is why we say that the eye is the mirror of the soul. It is the symbol of the winged Sun and mirrors the total Sun eclipse.

To understand it we need to establish that everything is energy for everything is consciousness.

The whole eye is 1 hequat and that is 320 ro. It is symbolized with a mouth for it is a bite.

  • We put the twig into the ground. It is like growing vegetables. The twig has a connection with Earth and earth would symbolize touching. Out of the 320 ro touching would take up 5. That is 1/64th of the whole.
  •  The curved line would symbolize the wheat when it is budding. The wheat is the food we put into our mouth. It is the taste. Taste is actually touch and forms, meaning that we taste by touching different forms. So as you can see the tasting is more important than touching. It takes up 10 ro, 1/32nd of the whole.
  •  The left corner of the eye is the nearest to the ear. It has the shape of a horn. Through it we would taste the sound and touch it. Therefore hearing is the sum of touching and tasting. It is 20 ro and 1/16th of the whole.
  •  We do not actually talk about thoughts as one of the senses, however they are very important. The long line above the eye would represent the thoughts for we use our eyebrow to mirror them. So thoughts are the sum of touching, tasting and hearing. The thought is a silent voice. It is 40 ro and 1/8th of the whole.
  •  The next is seeing. The circle in the middle would represent the actual eye. Seeing is the sum of tasting, touching, hearing and thinking. It is 80 ro and takes up 1/4th of the whole. The horizon has no ends just like the circle. Do not forget, the circle is a 2 dimensional spiral. The circle is a limited spiral with boundaries we create.
  • The smelling is symbolized by the equilateral triangle nearest the nose. It depicts the microcosm, meaning the whole humanity therefore it is all the senses we have mentioned combined. 160 ro and takes up ½ of the whole.

The way of understanding senses are immensely important in relationships. In the consumerist society we rely upon our eyes greatly. However, if eye is only used to take in the false illusion mirrored back to the brain from surface of the subject or object, disappointment sets in.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love and peace

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