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meeting your guide


meeting your guide

First of all I would like to clarify something: although many earthlings, especially with Christian background, do call the guides guardian angels, they are neither guardians not angels. The word guardian gives you a false hope that whatever you do protection never ceases. Have you ever wondered what happens to those going through a lot of hardship even leaving Earth before time? Have you, yourself, ever went through painful experience or lost someone? What happened then? Was your guardian angel on holiday? Or did you do something to offend it and stopped looking after you? What does it say about an angel, who supposed to be nice and impartial, to get offended and punish you? Angels are entities who convey messages between dimensions and different planes of existence. It is the reason why they are pictured with wings. Like the Winged Sun in Egypt, the Eye of Horus, Hermes in Egyptian knowledge. As true messengers they do not get into personal data.

meeting your guide

Guides are helpers from the higher plane. Their duty is to guide the soul of an earthling through the obstacles of being an earthling.

The work of a guide starts at the time when a soul gets into Shambala soon after leaving its physical body or getting ready to descend to Earth. That is the time when decisions are made. These decisions are very important from the point of the soul and the Universe. The soul needs to find the adequate family into which it wishes to reincarnate or incarnate, to further the education assign to each soul. Furthermore the program, an aim or path has to be set.

Guides have the real knowledge of the past, present and the future. They travel freely between dimensions and time zones. This ability gives them a fair advantage, however, can cause misunderstandings also. They need precise parameters when help is asked for. This data should be provided by the guided soul. It means that you must know your guides before real help can get to you. I use the word knowing in the real sense that means meeting, talking to, listening to, communicating with, observing the mean characteristics of …and so on. A strong trust should be built between you and your guides, a two ways street with appreciation, respect and love.

During an Earth life time a soul usually has more than one set of guides. Every time the soul manages to climb a step on the steep ladder of spiritual education a change of personal helpers takes place, a bit like in a school, where your educators vary according to your grades.

However every time we have 2 guides, not more and not less. It stands for everybody.

meeting your guide

Bear in mind that the duty of your guides is to be with you and help you 24 hours a day. They are personally assigned to you. However they do not interfere with your conduct unless asked. Nevertheless they do not work for you only help achieving your incentives. With this note, let me give you the easiest way to meet your guides. You need not be afraid. As an educator I learnt to take care of you.

This practice should be performed after dark in waxing moon; it is when the Moon is growing.

Put 2 white scentless candles on a table near the window. Grab an incense of any kind. It could be a burning stick, a cone or frankincense. Light them. Extinguish all the other artificial lights. Sit down comfortably and gaze into one of the flames with your left eye focused. You might have not realized it, we do focus with one eye only at every given time. As you are doing it say out loud: I want to meet my guides. I am not afraid of them, please come and meet me. I want to make my existence conscious and work with you. Thank you all the work you have done until now and what you are going to do in the future.

After a while there could be a sign or a breeze to assure their presence. Ask for their names. Write down whatever comes to your mind even if it does make sense. This way you can actually call them to discuss matters or ask for guidance. You might want to take this opportunity to ask questions. The most important would be to establish a communication channel and the sign so you would understand if they want to tell you something.

Thank them for coming. Extinguish the candles and come back to your existence.

I hope you’ll enjoy the meeting.

Love and peace


© Zsa Zsa Tudos