As a philosophy we do not have rules and regulations about how one supposed to live life. However guidance is always useful for those thinking about learning the art of AKIA.

At AKIA  our aim is to set you free! We want you to think, to observe, to learn to listen and be able to make decisions. To make you realize that your life is your responsibility and you are the master of it. You create your opportunities and you make your on choices. In any case, you should!

The AKIA-Path-Finder helps you find your identity and the path you need to walk on and reach the ultimate way of living we usually refer to as happiness. Not many earthling understands that happiness is in the mind. It is a way of looking at events and not a momentary joy. It is not a result of material wealth, a car, a house or a partner at your side. It comes from within from the understanding of the Universe.

Think about the path finder and let it help you see clearer.




1.   Time is an illusion that imprisons those without courage


 2.   Life is a constant cycle of searching for personal truth


3.   Live without bringing shame on yourself


4.   You must remake yourself in the eternity of your body


5.   The night is not the end of a bad day but the beginning of a better one


6.   The outside knowledge is the key to the wisdom within


7.   Wisdom is the knowledge you can make use of


8.   Material wealth you can inherit. However, true dignity needs to be earned


9.   Everything you can touch is lent to you for this life. When you leave, you cannot take anything with you


10.   Only through the Universe you can reach yourself


11.   The light embraces you unconditionally and disappears within if you let it


12.   Imagination is the memory of the soul



13.   The true knowledge is untouchable and changing




It is standard practice between the students of AKIA to reach the total understanding of the path-finder through self-search and experience.

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 1999

Love and peace

AKIA-Path-Finder helps you focus on important issues in life.