AKIA invocation


AKIA is an acronym of Atiru Keta Intaara Amango, The Consciousness of Earth in Atlantis. It is the registered trademark of our work.

AKIA looks upon the Universe as an ever expanding space held together by the matrix of interrelated energies.

According to AKIA philosophy a Soul is a Knowledge that is able to multiply by division. The Creator is the very first Soul bearing this ability hence everything is created to its shape and format.

Although we like to dress them up, Souls do not have genders neither does the Creator Force.

Knowledge is the data of a specific energy mass.

As everything in AKIA Philosophy® can be proven by physics and mathematics, we look at energy from this angle.  It has sound, taste, smell, substance and colour. It also carry speed, frequency and polarity. These feature make up the knowledge of the particular energy.





Great Creator,

who created the Universe, with me in it,

to look after and further your magnificent work,

that I accepted in good faith, but could not always deliver,

because through my self-centredness

I chose not to see only look,

not to listen only hear, not to feel only think.  

Without understanding nature’s harmonious cycle,

I stepped out of it, not suspecting,

that I would not be protected and

I would become and instrument of outside forces.  

Please, give me the strength

to forgive myself  for every bad deed I committed

against anybody and anything – including myself –

wisdom to others to forgive me.

Show me the way back to nature’s cycle

where I can live in peace and dignity,

without indulging in suffering,

in a place,

where love is unconditional.

We use the invocation around the full moon to help us channel and communicate. More about it here.

AKIA invocation


like all our invocations has been carefully created to carry certain Knowledge and encoded to best serve its purpose.

© Zsa Zsa Tudos 1999