Akia is the philosophy that sets you free!

Happiness is a way of looking at life. It is not a momentary mental or emotional state but a Capability To See and Understand.

AKIA Philosophy®


is the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge


The only reality earthlings dream about is FREEDOM.  To be free to live happily, be healthy and to have choices. However only those on the road towards the dream understand that for people there is no other freedom than the freedom of thoughts  Every other aspect of life moves between man made boundaries.

These laws of confinement are created by lesser people who are not courageous or knowledgeable enough to be free. Who are earth bounded to the degree where only the new God, called Money exists and Consumerism is the tool to achieve the physical power they seek. They created this bubble, called Security, where Liquid Assets are shaping our past, present and future. History is re-written, present is changed; the implementation of uncertainty and the chase of the totally non-tangible life values take up the very limited free time of earthlings not realizing that they actually shape the future without the consent of the individual concerned. The whole setup supports the What can I do? I am not strong enough to change anything. slogans and demolishes the will-power of earthlings. The same people would open the channels of redemption through religions when actually put people back to the never ending cycle of ignorance. 

The Knowledge we should seek cannot be found on the surface for what is important is hidden. However it is available to all who decides to look for it and with a structured guidance they would arrive to the state of remembering where basic knowledge of physics and mathematics will start building the matrix of existence. Where questions like why and how would make perfect sense and interrelations will be available to see.

Here, at AKIA we help you strip the layers added added to your pure soul by social background, education, religion, upbringing, belief system and mass media. In this way you be able to find your full potential, accomplish your life task and fully understand the meaning of the two most used words: LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Love, just like the Creator Force, neutral for it is unconditional. We say it all the time without really having the understanding of the word UNCONDITIONAL. It means that regardless what goes on and what the person is doing to you or others, you are not angry, desperate or joyous but just support the earthling involved in every decision he or she makes.

Happiness is a way of looking at life. It is not a momentary mental or emotional state but a Capability To See and Understand.


 AKIA is the acronym of


meaning The  Consciousness of Earth in Atlantis.

It is an ever changing philosophy that searches for the pure knowledge of understanding the Self and the Universe.

AKIA Philosophy®


embraces every aspect of being. It looks at the astronomical effects of change, created the New Age Astrology that is suitable for the Golden Era we leaped into on the 28th of December 2012, developed its unique healing methods, workshops and courses to help Earthlings with their Quest and find the ultimate meaning of life.


 AKIA Philosophy®


is taught in various countries. We organize initiations, courses, workshops and also esoteric tours to open the mind and build a bridge between the conscious and the sub-conscious.


AKIA Philosophy®


is the foundation of our different types of works: such as healing, teaching, online courses and soul readings. Do not forget, everything is interrelated and life is not made of separate compartments; it is one great school with abundant opportunity to grow. It is what we teach in The School of Mysteries Online Academy that is available for everybody. Please check it out on


Courses online

We have a sister site  that helps with everyday decisions, removing the boundaries and to strengthen forwarding situations. There is a great membership for psychic readings, mediumship and channelling there


AKIA Light has the best psychics with excellent approach towards the New Age and the astronomical changes in our lives. Our experts have been educated in the School of Mysteries; many are still following courses there, and ready to receive your call when you are in need for a spiritual, mental, emotional or material guidance.

psychic reading


At AKIA recently we started up a movement called Light Charmers. Either you want to learn or not it is deeply advisable to become part of the action.


The Light embraces you..

The Light embraces you..


I hope  you’ll enjoy your visit here and come back from time to time.


I wish you Happiness, Love and Peace.


Zsa Zsa Tudos


Creator, Founder and Great Master of AKIA Philosophy®

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