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We are searching for and publishing the pure interrelated Haya Sophia, the Great Matrix of the Universe

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I am the creator and founder of AKIA philosophy and The School of Mysteries Online education system. I am an educator, author, healer and clairvoyante. I call my work a mission because it makes me very happy. I run online and offline courses and workshops wherever there is need for them. I organize esoteric tours with initiations. My latest book The Atlantis Code is all about the Quantum Leap and The Golden Era.
Love and Peace

AKIA Philosophy ®

is the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge


The only reality earthlings dream about is FREEDOM.  To be free to live happily, be healthy and to have choices. However only those on the road towards the dream understand that for people there is no other freedom than the freedom of thoughts  Every other aspect of life moves between man made boundaries.

These laws of confinement are created by lesser people who are not courageous or knowledgeable enough to be free. Who are earth bounded to the degree where only the new God, called Money exists and Consumerism is the tool to achieve the physical power they seek. They created this bubble, called Security, where Liquid Assets are shaping our past, present and future. History is re-written, present is changed; the implementation of uncertainty and the chase of the totally non-tangible life values take up the very limited free time of earthlings not realizing that they actually shape the future without the consent of the individual concerned. The whole setup supports the What can I do? I am not strong enough to change anything. slogans and demolishes the will-power of earthlings. The same people would open the channels of redemption through religions when actually put people back to the never ending cycle of ignorance. 

The Knowledge we should seek cannot be found on the surface for what is important is hidden. However it is available to all who decides to look for it and with a structured guidance they would arrive to the state of remembering where basic knowledge of physics and mathematics will start building the matrix of existence. Where questions like why and how would make perfect sense and interrelations will be available to see.

Here, at AKIA we help you strip the layers added added to your pure soul by social background, education, religion, upbringing, belief system and mass media. In this way you be able to find your full potential, accomplish your life task and fully understand the meaning of the two most used words: LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Love, just like the Creator Force, neutral for it is unconditional. We say it all the time without really having the understanding of the word UNCONDITIONAL. It means that regardless what goes on and what the person is doing to you or others, you are not angry, desperate or joyous but just support the earthling involved in every decision he or she makes.

Happiness is a way of looking at life. It is not a momentary mental or emotional state but a Capability To See and Understand.


 AKIA is the acronym of


meaning The  Consciousness of Earth in Atlantis.

It is an ever changing philosophy that searches for the pure knowledge of understanding the Self and the Universe.

AKIA Philosophy ®


embraces every aspect of being. It looks at the astronomical effects of change, created the New Age Astrology that is suitable for the Golden Era we leaped into on the 28th of December 2012, developed its unique healing methods, workshops and courses to help Earthlings with their Quest and find the ultimate meaning of life.

AKIA Philosophy ®


is taught in various countries. We organize initiations, courses, workshops and also esoteric tours to open the mind and build a bridge between the conscious and the sub-conscious.

AKIA Philosophy ®


is the foundation of our different types of works: such as healing, teaching, online courses and soul readings. Do not forget, everything is interrelated and life is not made of separate compartments; it is one great school with abundant opportunity to grow. It is what we teach in The School of Mysteries Online Academy that is available for everybody. Please check it out on

Courses online


Courses online

We have a sister site  that helps with everyday decisions, removing the boundaries and to strengthen forwarding situations. There is a great membership for psychic readings, mediumship and channelling there

AKIA Light has the best psychics with excellent approach towards the New Age and the astronomical changes in our lives. Our experts have been educated in the School of Mysteries; many are still following courses there, and ready to receive your call when you are in need for a spiritual, mental, emotional or material guidance.

psychic reading

At AKIA recently we started up a movement called Light Charmers. Either you want to learn or not it is deeply advisable to become part of the action.

The Light embraces you..

The Light embraces you..

I hope  you’ll enjoy your visit here and come back from time to time.

I wish you Happiness, Love and Peace.

Zsa Zsa Tudos

Creator, Founder and Great Master of AKIA Philosophy®


What made me sad…

Well list goes on,,

when me dad passed away,

the moments I say Good bye to my mum especially,

when I lost my love,

I failed the exam,

I flunked the interviews,

I was loaded with heart breaking news. Etcc

But Now since I joined AKIA as if my brain got oxygen and start working and have ventilated ports open which was rusty over yrs n yrs as my bearings came back so all those things yes are upsetting but I am open and on the road to become wholesome person so I get my strengths back sooner than what I couldn’t a while ago. Thank you AKIA

Thanks to new Sophie/.

Above all thanks to Zsa, The Akia, The Universe, Spirit guides. Who are waiting to knock at their door so they can hug you and shower with their blessings..

Sophie, age 26 United Kingdom

First of all I would like to say that Zsa Zsa helped me a lot to understand things about the world and she helped me to be physicaly and mentaly healthy.

She always speaks very directly and honestly. People sometimes don’t understand why she doesn’t tell the truth more softly and tenderly, but I think her honesty is exactly the thing which can change our problems and the world. I learnt a lot about the world from Akia philosophy and I would like to learn even more in order to be able to lose my bad habits and thinking. In my opinion everybody should learn this philosophy to become happier.

Thanks a lot for the help I get from you and Akia philosophy! I am really greatful to you and I am happy to know you!

Zoli, age 26 Budapest, Hungary

I have been knowing Zsa Zsa for nearly 10 years; since I started to learn the Akia philosophy from her. During this time She put me through various approaches to understand myself and my life. Her courses are full of knowledge and the information I gained is invaluable.

Now I know, that it is the best school in my life, because whatever She teaches is about myself; how do I take part in earthly living as a soul imprisoned in the physical body.

Everything is changing in the world, from the smallest to the vastest, therefore life is a constant learning and work.

After 10 years of studying She is still capable of capturing my attention and curiosity by giving me more and more information, shows me the way to embed them into my everyday life by changing and growing towards of more conscious and happier existence.

Most of the knowledge in my life comes from her. She showed my the path towards a different way of thinking; the essence of which is there are no important factors in life apart from those hidden. This thought helps me to discover the depth of the matter that is under the more obvious surface.

I am grateful to her for showing me this path that is not very easy to walk, for it is full of obstacles, however the reward is tremendous if you stay on it. The conquering of each obstacle provides you with new experience; it is knowledge that helps you get rid of the obstacles within and brings you nearer to understand yourself.

I thank her very much for being available always on this path.

Klara, age 65 Budapest Hungary

Zsa Zsa Tudos is not an everyday character for sure. When I met her first time I was already learning Akia philosophy from one of her teachers. Until then I did not really have an idea about her; what sort of human being the person was behind the philosophy.

I recall the first time I met her. It was on my Akia – Witchcraft exam, where she was the judge, and after the whole day of practicing and concentrating, she gave me the final green light. Luckily she was friendly, happy and sociable.

Few years passed by since then. She kept me on the path and I thank her for that. I admire her ways of enjoying life’s every little details. She knows a lot about us students, pays attention to our lives and gives us valuable advice by pointing out possibilities or directions we do not notice. I think every person needs someone like her.

She is a fantastic teacher and human being. Very trustworthy how she speaks about life, for she experienced a lot herself. She is always full of energy, never gets tired. It is almost unimaginable how can she have a grip on all the things she is doing.

We learn a lot from her and this learning will never end. Zsa Zsa and the Akia philosophy are very important part of my life.

I thank her for all teachings and the countless conversations we had.

Geri, age 27 Debrecen Hungary

I have been assuming to her for 8 years now. As my teacher she is hard, coherent and tireless. She is a modest person with tremendous knowledge. Whatever she teaches me, be it English language, Akia, Fortunetelling techniques, Witchcraft, Alchemy etc… she is always straight, purposeful, organized, well prepared and genuine. She broke me, tore me to pieces many times, in the hope that I would learn from it. She always looks at the whole human being, doesn’t get lost in details. She speaks clearly and purposefully. She is the Master of Life. She is a Woman.

Zoltan, age 42 Gyor Hungary

I was introduced to Akia philosophy few years ago and started to learn from its founder and creator, Zsa Zsa Tudos. First I was visiting her talks and later I started learning from her in courses and workshops. I learned tarot readings, healing and meditating. My life has changed irrevocable and I landed in a much better, fuller and valuable existence.

Rita, age 24 London U.K.